New Releases 11/8/17

Aiden Lee’s temper and problems with authority have just caught up with him in a bad way. Assigned to a new pack, he’s told that if he can’t get control of himself there, then they’ll ensure he doesn’t cause any more trouble. Ever. Unfortunately, his old habits die hard, and when the honey-eyed blonde at the desk catches his eye, he knows he’ll have to do whatever it takes to claim her. She’s smart, sassy, and undeniably his mate. There’s just one problem…

Willow Pike has worked at her adopted father’s shipping company for a decade and a half, ever since she got back from college. Things there are stale, but they’re stable as well, and she’s okay with that. But when the new guy walks in, suddenly everything changes. Tall and handsome with a killer smile, she’s immediately hooked. He’s not like any of the other werewolves she knows. Unfortunately for both of them, the Alpha doesn’t want anyone new for his pack…or his daughter. Unbeknownst to anyone, Aiden’s former Alpha has tasked him with finding out just what his new pack is up to. To do this he’ll need to show Willow’s father that he can run on the wrong side of the law, even as he’s trying to prove to Willow that he’s a good man. The line between right and wrong is blurry, and it’s easy to get lost. But with Willow by his side, Aiden just might be able to solve the mystery, escape with the girl, and prove to himself, his former Alpha, and his mate that he can be more than any of them dreamed.
This is a complete standalone story with no cliffhanger and a happy ending for everyone but the bad guys.

Falling has never felt so good.

Bearly Falling by [Summers, Ally]Career-driven Gabi is only in Twilight Hollow for a few days for work. As the event coordinator for the annual Fall Festival, she has her work cut out for her. She thinks everything is under control until she meets Boone McScott. The hottest man she’s ever seen.

Boone has been waiting for his fated mate, he just didn’t expect her to show up at the same time he discovers a lost bear cub on his orchard. Someone has hidden her on his land to keep her out of the hands of her stepfather. Boone’s the kind of man who will keep her safe no matter what.

But things have just gotten complicated.

The police are searching for the cub, and Boone needs Gabi’s help to hide her. Together they hatch a plan that could either tear them apart or seal their future. Boone and his bear need to convince Gabi that she should let everything go and give in to her heart. But is he strong enough for them all?

It might be too late before Gabi realizes sometimes falling is the only way through.

In the small town of Twilight

Hollow you can always count on your alpha.

This is a hot and steamy BBW bear shifter romance. Bearly Falling is a standalone with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhanger!


Would a big bad wolf ever protect a sassy little bear?

When my cousins called me to Bear Mountain, I thought I’d get bored. But then I met Lucas—one hell of a hot biker. Plus he’s awolf, and is forbidden. All the more reason to play with him.


She thinks we have some kind of connection, but what that little piece of bear ass doesn’t realize, is that I’m a big bad wolf. I’ll get all the information I can from her, so my pack can plan its attack. But if any other wolf tries to mess with her, i won’t let them get in my way!

**This is a novella length 30,000 word novel, standalone shifter romance from the Bear Mountain Shifters series. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed. For a limited time, I’ve included bonus stories. Grab your copy today.**

#1 BESTSELLING Paranormal Romance Series now available in a Complete Box Set! 

This complete collection has all the key romance, action, and drama to make you fall in love with the characters.All 5 books contain curvy females who come into their own and alpha

dragonborn shifters with a hunger for passion and insatiable desires. Book 1 – Saved by a DragonBook 2 – Healed by a Dragon

Book 3 – Loved by a Dragon

Book 4 – Married to a Dragon

Book 5 – Baby for a Dragon

Warning: Explicit love scenes, epic battles, and piles of sexy shifters. Intended for mature readers only.



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