New Releases 11/1/17

An alien prince with one mission: to find a bride and have children to save his family legacy.

Marissa is ready to meet the man of her dreams. The shy librarian hasn’t had much luck in love, so when her best friend suggests she sign up for Celestial Mates, she decides — why not?

Unfortunately, they neglected to mention she’d have to take a space ship to her first date. Obviously there’s been a huge mistake.

Kadic, the alarmingly sexy dark-blue alien prince from the planet Alpazon, can’t possibly expect to marry her. They don’t even have the same… the same… parts.

But under a midnight sky filled with two moons and a million twinkling stars, the seductive alien’s naughty tongue holds her captive in a haze of ecstasy, and makes her question whether or not she’s ready to leave everything she’s ever known to join his alien world.

Prince Kadic needs a mate. If he doesn’t have children before his parents pass away, his tyrant older brother will ascend to the throne and will destroy their family legacy. Desperate to be married, he contacts Celestial Mates who assures him they will send a suitable bride. He’s more than impressed by Marissa’s sensual curves and innocent smile.

But when she instantly rejects him, he confines her to the palace. Will he be able to convince her of his love and devotion? Or risk planetary annihilation at the hands of his brother?

Blue Alien Prince’s Captive Bride is part of the Royally Blue – Celestial Mates series and is a full-length science fiction romance novel. There are NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!


Four strangers. Four powerful elements. To survive a ruthless cult, they’ll have to work together… or die alone…

Phoenyx Blake has just woken up in captivity, but she’s not the only one. The mysterious dungeon holds three other teens who were just as surprised to be imprisoned as she was. Phoenyx and the others discover that they were abducted because their souls are eternally bound by the ancient elemental powers of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. And their captors have no plans on letting them live through the next solar storm…

But as they consider their circumstances, Phoenyx discovers that her fiery abilities connect her in a timeless courtship dance with Sebastian, a fellow prisoner and a water elemental. Their souls have fallen in love generation after generation. And she can’t help but feel drawn to him in this lifetime as well…

To discover the truth behind their abilities, Phoenyx and the others must escape the dungeon before the cultists can begin a terrifying ritual sacrifice. If Phoenyx can’t master her powers and face up to a painful secret, then they’ll all pay with both their lives and their souls…

Ignite is the sizzling first book in The Bound Ones, a series of YA urban fantasy novels. If you like supercharged action, timeless romance, and unbreakable friendships, then you’ll love Tricia Barr’s fiery series.


Furever Always (Furever Series) by [Clarke, Meredith, Wolf, Terra]

The entire Furever Series in one bundle!

The Furever Series are standalone Shifter Romances, with no cliffhanger, a HEA, and an undeniable love.

Furever Mated
Kurt Donnelly is broken. Losing the love of his life in college caused him to be consumed by rage leading him on a path that made him a bear shifter. Years later after his anger is under control by his bear, all he is left with is sadness and the fear that he will never be able to love again. He needs a vacation, somewhere to take his mind off things. When he meets Scarlett Jones at the Bear Ridge Resort his outlook on love changes. However, her past threatens to keep them apart.

Furever Mine
Cash Andrews is losing control.
His anger is bubbling under the surface and his bear threatens to break free at any moment. Once his Alpha marries his true mate, Cash’s bear becomes even more difficult to manage no matter how much liquor he drinks or how many women he sleeps with. When he attacks another member of their clan, Kurt orders him to go to Bear Ridge Resort and return with his own true mate or not return at all. When Cash meets Lani Conway, a bartender at Bear Ridge Resort, everything changes. However, her overbearing boss threatens to ruin their happily ever after.

Furever Yours
Declan O’Shea is being forced to find his mate.
After losing control over his bear and getting into a fight at the local bar, his Alpha, Kurt, orders him to go to Bear Ridge Resort to find his mate. If he doesn’t find her, then Kurt tells Declan that he shouldn’t come back to the clan. Deep down Declan knows he is starting to lose more control, but he hates being told what to do, especially when it comes to his love life. When Declan meets Blair Wilson at the Bear Ridge Resort, he feels like he finally has found his mate. However, his past love will stop at nothing to ruin Declan’s life.

Furever Ours
Reid McAllister has lost everything.
After leaving his high school sweetheart, Aria Smith, to go to the Army, he promised that they would still be together. But once Reid is turned into a bear shifter he decides to push Aria away, believing that is what is best for her. When Reid sees Aria at the Bear Ridge Resort years later old emotions come flooding back. However, will Aria accept Reid after all he has done to her?



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