New Releases – 8/23/17

Reparation (Sundown Wolves Book 2) by [Chase, Aria]

When an Alpha wolf is betrayed, he’ll stop at nothing to get revenge on his enemies and secure his position in the pack. But when he claims the traitor’s sister as his mate, will his growing hunger for her outweigh his desire for reparation?

Jared is just weeks away from rising to his position as Alpha of the Sundown Pack when his betrothed runs away with an Omega pack member. Overcome with rage and a primal craving for revenge, he sets his sights on the Omega’s sister Alyra. Once he claims her, Alyra will help him fulfill his destiny as Alpha.

But more importantly, owning her will satisfy his need for reparation.

After loving Jared from afar for so long, Alyra gives in to his advances without hesitation. But she knows the passion between them won’t last, even as she takes advantage of the momentary lapse in judgment fueled by Jared’s anger and desperation. An Alpha could never take an Omega as his mate.

Once Jared’s desire for revenge has passed, he’ll see the truth, and the masquerade will be over.

But when Jared’s desire for revenge finally passes, it leaves another burning desire in its place—a desire only Alyra can quench. And he’ll have to fight his parents and his pack to keep her at his side.

Faced with a choice between his love for Alyra and his destiny as Alpha, can Jared find the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of happily ever after?

Renegade (Shadow Realms): An Urban Fantasy Dragon Shifter Romance by [Monroe, Amber Ella]A World in Chaos…

When demons ravage earth, they destroy all in their path. Serving a Demon King, a monster without morals or mercy, the fiends leave their enemies with two choices.

Fight or flight.

A Devil’s Bargain…

Dragon Guardian, Carrick Dragoe lives life on a supernatural prison realm. Falsely accused of being a traitor years ago by the Dragon King, Carrick longs for freedom and to return to combat, battling the demon horde. If he only he could take up arms once again, he could regain his honor and defeat the scourge that threatens Earth. The King offers him a bargain – kill the Trillium Queen and win his freedom.

The Duty of a Young Queen…

Earthborn witch, Leona Thevenet lives life in a precarious balance. Her world lies in ruins, overrun by the barbarous villains. Worse yet, her beloved mother is missing. Leona vows to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. But the coven has other plans. They intend for Leona to take her mother’s place on the throne as the new Trillium Queen. To prove that she can live up to the title, she embarks on a dangerous journey searching for the one thing that could restore the balance between humans and supernaturals.

The Assassin becomes the Protector…

When Carrick first comes upon the young queen, he knows the price of freedom is too high. Proud, lovely and brave, Leona steals his breath. His heart too. Leona can’t seem to keep her distance from the irresistible renegade. Nor does she want to. When she discovers the truth about his mission, will she still believe their love is worth fighting for?

Protectors of the Pack Box Set: A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance by [Blackwood, Keira]Running from trouble, running to trouble, and confronting the source. Two packs come together to defend against a mercenary biker gang. Expect motorcycles, wolves, a case of mistaken identity, a reluctant assassin, fiercely protective shifter men, three very different couples, and a whole lot of fun.

The Protectors of the Pack Complete Series Box Set contains all three books in the Protectors of the Pack series. There’s steamy, action-packed romance, scorching love scenes, and a happily ever after ending.

Mechanic Bear (Bear Shifter Mystery Romance) (Timber Bear Ranch Book 4) by [Grove, Scarlett]
Sometimes fate works in mysterious ways …

A desperate woman …

Fox shifter Dana Myers is on the run. After two years of indentured servitude to the Updike hyena pack on Fate Mountain, she finally makes her escape in a stolen car. When it breaks down, she discovers that mechanic and bear shifter Jessie Kincaid is her match on a shifter dating website. Out of options, she asks her unknown mate for help.

A reluctant man …

Jessie is in no hurry to settle down. Playing the field is fun — and besides, he saw how his dad fell apart after his mom’s death, and he never wants to be that vulnerable. But knowing that Dana is his mate changes everything. He’s determined to take care of her … and she’ll need all the help she can get.

A dangerous dilemma

The car she used for her getaway has a body in the trunk, making Dana the prime suspect in a murder case. Jessie knows she’s innocent, but all the evidence is pointing her way. Can he clear her name in time, or will he lose his mate to a deadly plot?

Surrender To The Cyborgs (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Book 1) by [Goodwin, Grace]Wrongly imprisoned whistle-blower Rachel Pierce would rather take her chances with her court appeal than accept her place as the first Interstellar Bride destined for the Colony. She’s stubborn and determined to seek justice—and her freedom—on Earth…but her mates are not willing to risk her life or her future on a system they believe to be both primitive and corrupt.

Maxim of Prillon Prime fought ten long years in the Hive wars. Captured and tortured with his second, Ryston, they escaped only to be rejected by their own people and condemned to life on the Colony with the other “contaminated” cyborg warriors. As leader of Sector 3, it’s Maxim’s duty to set an example for his warriors and summon a bride. When she refuses transport, he can’t allow her rejection to demoralize an entire planet of battle hardened but jaded warriors. Maxim and Ryston transport to Earth where they decide she’s theirs and a maximum security human prison will not keep them apart.

Getting Rachel to the Colony is only the first challenge they will face. Convincing their beautiful mate to surrender to not one, but two dominant warriors is another. Even if they can win her love, a new evil is rising on the Colony and someone close to Maxim will be its first victim. Maxim will be its second, unless Rachel’s love and relentless pursuit of the truth proves strong enough to save him.


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