New Releases 8/2/17

Too Hard to Bear (BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Honeycomb Valley Bears Book 1) by [Alders, Amy]Mate your own kind.

Destroy human & werebear relationships.

Fated mates DO NOT exist.

As clan leader of the Honeycomb Valley werebears, Alex Savage outed himself to the world as a bear shifter to shield one of his own from the frenzied media storm that followed the world’s discovery of the existence of werebears. But, he prefers a quiet life, a simple life. He makes the rules and he follows those rules. He upholds that which he believes to be right and stands firmly against that which he believes to be wrong. Alex Savage does not believe in fated mates.

But his bear does.

Strong, savvy, self-made millionaire Livia Palmer has a mind for business but sinful, voluptuous god-given curves designed to make a hot-blooded man stand up and take notice—even if that man’s a bear. But with a devastating betrayal by an old boyfriend in her past, Livia has given up on love. She’s given up on having more in her life than a cold boardroom, and she has an empty, too-quiet house to show for it.

Fate has other plans.

When Livia’s plane crash lands in the middle of a forest, it’s Alex who finds her. It’s Alex who defies his own rules, changes all that he believes, and challenges her to take a chance on a life that includes love, a life that includes him…a life that includes his beast within.

With the world watching, Livia finds that loving a bear of a man is easy — surviving loving him is hard.



Furever Ours (Furever Series Book 4) by [Clarke, Meredith, Wolf, Terra]Reid McAllister has lost everything.

After leaving his high school sweetheart, Aria, to go to the Army, he promised that they would still be together. But once Reid is turned into a bear shifter he decides to push Aria away, believing that is what is best for her.

Aria Smith has tried her best to get over Reid. After years of bad dates, she decides to spend her summer vacation at Bear Ridge Resort and to once and for all get Reid out of her thoughts.

When Reid and Aria run into each other at Bear Ridge Resort, all of their old emotions for one another come flooding back. Will Aria accept Reid now that she knows what truly happened to him? Or will Reid be the one that ruins their second chance at happily ever after?

Her Roman Wolf (The Children of Lilith Book 4) by [Devlin, Bliss]She’ll help him…for a price. But he needs her to stay with him forever.

The hunter becomes the hunted…

Aquila is a tough Roman centurion assigned to lead a dangerous mission. His objective: capture a werewolf alive for the emperor’s blood-soaked games in the Roman Colosseum. But the hunt goes horribly wrong. Aquila is badly wounded and awakens to find he’s become a werewolf himself. Worse yet, he and his surviving men are about to be betrayed. Their commander has decided the only way to fulfill the emperor’s demand is to offer his own soldiers-turned-werewolves for a fight to the death in the arena.

Aquila escapes. Barely. If he doesn’t get help soon, he’s doomed to become a bloodthirsty monster. He’s on the verge of losing the battle against the raging beast inside him when salvation comes in the form of the lovely sorceress Korinna. The beautiful dark-haired witch might look weak and defenseless compared to him but she’s skilled with weapons and illusions. And she knows just how to use her powers to calm and tame the angry wolf possessing him.

The lovely witch belongs to him…

Korinna, a half-human Child of Lilith, is a protector of her people. From the moment they meet, she’s intrigued by the big, dominant Roman wolf. He’s the perfect person to help her on her quest to rescue a minotaur, an old friend destined to die a cruel death in the Colosseum. She just has to convince Aquila to team up with her. But she doesn’t count on Aquila claiming her and marking her as his mate…or falling for his demanding kisses and rough, passionate lovemaking. She’s never met anyone like him before, and with every heated night they spend together, her need for him grows.

A race against time…

Aquila and Korinna encounter danger and betrayal at every turn as they race over land and sea to Rome, hoping to save Korinna’s minotaur friend before it’s too late. Can they survive to live happily ever after, or will they meet a savage death amidst the cheers of fifty thousand Roman spectators?

This full-length steamy historical wolf shifter romance is filled with lots of action, danger, and white-hot passion…with a happy ending and no cliffhangers. Readers are advised that this story is intended for a mature audience, and contains detailed love scenes, gratuitous violence, and some dark themes.

Dangerous Mating (Haven Hollow Book 1) by [Monroe, Marlie]A single mother. A stubborn bear shifter. The deranged zealot ready to kill to separate them.

A startling discovery…

Since the birth of her child, Eliza Anderson has only had two goals: to work hard and care for her infant daughter. The love she feels for her child doesn’t dim one bit when she makes a shocking discovery about the other half of her baby’s heritage. However, the revelation leaves her scrambling to find the specialized care her daughter needs. After being turned away from one human-only establishment after another, she sets out to find assistance in the next county over, deep in the heart of shifter territory, where she discovers much more than she bargained for in bear shifter Carter Slade.

Hope for the future…

Carter Slade wasn’t looking for love when Eliza Anderson walked into his life and turned it upside down. Excited by the discovery of his voluptuous mate, he throws his all into courting her with every intention of claiming her and her beautiful baby girl as his own. He’ll do whatever it takes to prove he’s the right man for her.

A future in jeopardy…

Just as their relationship takes off, an unexpected adversary steps in and threatens everything Eliza holds dear. Although Carter would gladly lay down his life for the woman he loves, he may not see the danger coming until it’s too late.

Burned (Dragon Mates Book 3) by [Harper, J.K.]Dark, dangerous dragon shifters who just need true love…

Fate brought them together–but their love may be a double-edged sword

Fire dragon shifter Ash Connolly hides his scarred, disfigured body from the world. Burned in a terrible accident years ago, the reclusive billionaire sentenced himself to a life of solitude. Yet when he meets a beautiful, sword-wielding woman, he’s tempted to bare his soul in hopes that she will see the aching man beneath the grotesque, broken beast.

Tasked with repairing a priceless manuscript, geeky rare book conservator Teagan Lambert is dumbstruck by its mysterious, sexy owner. A thousand illicit cravings smolder in her dreams, but an extraordinary man like Ash would never notice a clumsy, inexperienced bookworm like her. Even so, she longs to reveal to him the fierce passion in her soul.

She is about to discover a dangerous hidden world filled with ancient magic, oracles of destiny, and a stunning dragon shifter man who tempts her lonely heart. But even as the blazing passion between them illuminates a destined shared story, a deadly enemy plots a final ending…


Like MC Romance? Check out the latest sexy contemporary romp from Nicole Elliot!

Commando (Rogue Rebels MC Book 1) by [Elliot, Nicole, Wild, Ellie]

Screw the rules, I’m screwing her.

Ava is off limits.

As the new bartender at The Lucky Lady, she’s protected by a Club rule I freaking hate.

Don’t hook up with the help.

But I can’t keep my eyes off of her.

And my hands? Well, they said I couldn’t sleep with her.

I’ll make sure we never sleep.

She has to feel the rumble of my bike between her legs.

And get off, again and again.

But if the Club finds out, she’s out of a job, and I’m as good as dead.

The President’s son, breaking the rules?

For her.



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