New Releases – 7/26/2017


Bad Bad Bear Dad: A Fated Mate Romance by [Jade, Amelia]Bear shifter Gray likes his life the way it is. Familiar and uncomplicated. He’s got a good thing going, and all he needs now is a mate to share it with. So when he stumbled upon her several weeks ago, he couldn’t have been happier. Until she started ignoring him, even going out of her way to avoid seeing him. How is he going to convince her that they’re mates if she won’t even acknowledge his existence?

Kelly Crouche has just watched her best friend sail off into the sunset with a shifter mate. Although she’s happy, she doesn’t think that’s the life for her. Like all the other women recently brought to Cloud Lake, she’s currently carrying a shifter child, a constant reminder of how she was duped by an evil human corporation. Does she really want a shifter for a mate as well? She’s always thought the answer was no, but after her best friend tricks her into spending time with one, the long-held opinions in her head begin to change from black and white into a sea of gray.

Just when she thought things were starting to come together, a startling revelation is made. She keeps it a secret from Gray, unsure of how to deal with it, but determined to do so on her own. Circumstances are working to betray her, however, and when it all blows up in her face, Gray might be the only one who can save her. To do it, he’ll have to unleash his darkness, and prove that he’s the baddest of the bear dads.


Loved by a Dragon (No Such Thing as Dragons Book 3) by [Lively, Lauren]Could you love again after losing a lover? 

Glyn and Onda are two of LA's best and toughest Dragonborn Rangers. They battle some of the world's most vicious creatures and keep the city and its people safe. They're bonded together, their love strong and powerful. 

But when a new threat emerges – when the Dragonborn are betrayed by the infamous Shadow Clan – and Rangers begin turning up dead, it is Glyn and Onda tasked with solving the mystery and bringing the killer down. It's a task that has deadly consequences for Onda. 

A grieving Glyn meets Vanessa – a woman going through profound changes of her own. 

Glyn is a man with a death wish. He's become careless and reckless. Vanessa is harboring a secret – a secret she doesn't understand. Glyn wants to die. Wants to join Onda in the next world, but it's Vanessa who feels compelled to keep him tethered to the world of man – compelled to help him understand her secret. A secret that may bring him solace and comfort. 

As the hunt for the killer heats up, so too does the attraction and passion between Glyn and Vanessa. Together, they track down the killer and unlock the secrets buried within Vanessa… 

Through the fires of grief, Glyn, Onda, and Vanessa forge a new world and a new understanding of themselves and the world they live in. Nobody is the same by the end of this journey. And the only thing that remains is an eternal love and a fiery, intense passion. 

Alpha's Temptation: A Billionaire Werewolf Romance (Bad Boy Alphas Book 1) by [Rose, Renee, Savino, Lee]MINE TO PROTECT. MINE TO PUNISH. MINE.
I'm a lone wolf, and I like it that way. Banished from my birth pack after a bloodbath, I never wanted a mate.

Then I meet Kylie. My temptation. We're trapped in an elevator together, and her panic almost makes her pass out in my arms. She's strong, but broken. And she's hiding something.

My wolf wants to claim her. But she's human, and her delicate flesh won't survive a wolf's mark. I'm too dangerous. I should stay away. But when I discover she's the hacker who nearly took down my company, I demand she submit to my punishment. And she will.

Kylie belongs to me.

Dragon Mob: A Powyrworld Urban Fantasy Romance (The Lost Dragon Princes Book 3) by [Allee, Tiffany, Ashe, Danae]

A secret dragon prince of the Mob. The favored daughter of a rival Don. A mating that reveals a family secret….

Domenica comes to Giancarlo for help when her father goes missing. It’s the chance he’s been waiting for, watching for. A chance to convince her that she belongs to him, heart, soul, and sweet, sweet kitty cat.


She can’t explain the deep attraction for her father’s rival, she doesn’t want to leave even after Gian transforms into a dragon. She needs his help to find her father before capo Biagio takes over and forces her into marriage.


Alien Prince's Mate: An Auxem Novel by [Lace, Lisa]

Ever since the virus took our women, we've been searching.
Searching for their magical gift to create new life.
Searching for the fire in their eyes when they scream our names in the heat of passion.


So when I find Priya, a curvy, dark-eyed human stowaway, there’s only one thing on my mind. Do I care if I’m royalty and she’s a fugitive? Do I care if mating with her could risk everything?

Of course not.

The only thing I care about is caressing her delicious curves, opening her legs, and knowing the sweet, wet pleasure inside her. I couldn’t resist her pull even if I wanted to.

I’ll protect her from everyone, even my own people, even from the pirates trying to board our ship. I’ll protect her until my dying breath.

Bonding with her is forbidden. She's going to be my mate.


Alien Prince's Mate is a STAND-ALONE, full-length science fiction romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed! Abduction: Part 3, an exclusive, never released work is included as a bonus book


New Releases 7/19


Donovan (The Shifters of Eagle Creek Book 1) by [Sinn, Ashlee]Donovan Bain is haunted by his past.

One of the few remaining lion shifters, he’s struggled with his ability to fit in. Long runs, solitary hunts, and no female companionship has been his way of life since escaping the cages of his childhood. When he finally settled in Eagle Creek, Alaska, he never thought he’d call this place home. After all, a home meant family and friends and mates—something Donovan never realized he needed. Until he met Mariah.
Mariah Stillwater just wanted a new life. Tired of her coyote pack and dealing with her alpha father, Mariah fled in search of her independence. A failed attempt at college sent her away from the big city and had her questioning her worth. And camping out in the woods near a group of misfit shifters, lusting after a particularly sexy lion, isn’t helping her confidence. Donovan doesn’t know who she is. Why would he ever remember a lonely coyote he met one day several months ago?
The time for anonymity has come to end. Registration requirements for all shifters have become stricter and the camp at Eagle Creek is a perfect target for the new government agency responsible for the process. Donovan, Mariah, and the rest of the group must decide if it’s worth the fight, knowing their easy-going life will change forever. With Mariah by his side, Donovan is ready to face the challenge. But it won’t be an easy road, as every shifter in the camp must question their future…especially Mariah and Donovan.


Sold to the Berserkers: A Menage Shifter Romance by [Savino, Lee]I'll never forget the first time I saw them, warriors moving like shadows from the trees. Their eyes seemed to glow with a fierce golden light, moving more like beasts than men. I trembled, every hair on my flesh prickled in the age old response of the hunted. They were predators and I was prey. 

They entered the clearing and brought with them the smell of blood. Clad in furs and leather, bristling with weapons, they were warriors the likes of which I'd never seen. Huge, hulking forms, dark shapes pricked with those glowing pairs of eyes. 
I could not face them properly, for I was bound to a tree, in the middle of a wilderness, helpless as I waited to be sold to the Berserkers.

When Brenna's father sells her to a band of passing warriors, her only thought is to survive. She doesn't expect to be claimed by the two fearsome warriors who lead the Berserker clan. Kept in captivity, she is coddled and cared for, treated more like a savior than a slave. Can captivity lead to love? And when she discovers the truth behind the myth of the fearsome warriors, can she accept her place as the Berserkers' true mate? 

Mountain Wolf Protectors Complete Series: Books 1 - 4 by [Hartley, Emilia]The Mountain Wolf Protectors Box Set is complete with all the drama, romance and suspense your heart desires. By the time you reach the end you'll be begging for more! This is one series you do NOT want to miss!

Book 1 – Protected by the Mountain Wolf
Book 2 – Adored by the Mountain Wolf
Book 3 – Mated to the Mountain Wolf
Book 4 – Married to the Mountain Wolf

What are you waiting for? Jump right into the adorable story of Nova and Amara now!

Her Valiant Dragon: A BBW Interracial Paranormal Romance (Her Biker Dragon Book 1) by [Tipton, AJ]She’s on the run. He’s looking for more. Together, they’ll heal the world… and each other. 

Sexy dragon shifter Dylan Masters has lost all faith in his leaders. He goes against the Dragon Council to join the Iron Claws, a clan of motorcycle-driving outcasts. He risks everything to help those in need — dragon and human alike. 

Marie serves as a go-between for the Iron Claws and the humans who need their help. The curvaceous Latina keeps her guard up to shield her shadowy past, but Dylan’s arrival arouses a different kind of defense. 

Is their passion possible or will a world at war cut their happiness short?

Her Valiant Dragon is an adult paranormal romance novella. If you like red-hot passion, heart-pumping drama, and satisfying love stories, then you’ll love the first installment of AJ Tipton’s sizzling Her Biker Dragon series.


Alpha at Home (Brothers of the Heart Book 1) by [Bryce, DJ]Maximus has always known two things: He was destined to be the Bravo of his Pack and he's in love with Gillian Matthews. The problem is, Gillian was raised knowing she was destined to be mated to the Alpha, who is Maximus's best friend. 

Although they've kept each other at arms length, you can't escape fate. When it becomes clear that Gilly is Max's mate, and not Mateo's, they will all have to come to terms with the way this will impact, not just their lives, but the pack's future. 

New Releases – 7/12

Ayrie: An Auxem Novel by [Lace, Lisa]

Welcome to my life as an Intergalactic Mail Order Bride.

Welcome to Hell.

I just traveled halfway across the galaxy to meet my new husband.

With no women left on Auxem, the aliens turned to Earth for their brides.

But nothing’s happened the way I imagined.

He hardly speaks to me. I know he’s never had a woman around before, but why is he acting like a complete jerk?

Ayrie’s used to getting what he wants, but underneath his confident, chiseled exterior, he’s hiding a big secret.

Now we’re stranded together on a remote planet.

He’s got a perfect body.

I hope he knows how to use it.


Team SouthHeartsridge Shifters: Brent (South-One Bears Book 3) by [Arran, Olivia]-One Bear shifter Brent Casey has a secret. He’s not the calm, easy going guy everyone thinks he is. Even his team aren’t aware of the battle he fights daily to stay in control. Underneath his skin lives his beast. Sounds like every normal, regular shifter, right? Only his bear is broken, ready to erupt at the slightest loss of control. The quiet, regulated life of the shifter town of Heartsridge is the only thing keeping him sane.

But someone is threatening the town, trying to destroy it. Spies hide in the shadows and it’s his job to track them down. Enter his brother, Michael, unofficial leader of the rogues and the last person he ever wanted to see again. They have to work together, and it’s taking everything Brent’s got not to blow a fuse. Throw in a strange woman, with fiery hair and soulful gray eyes that he can’t forget, and he’s near breaking point. He has a town to protect, yet he can’t stop thinking about the fragile human. She doesn’t smell like his fated mate, so who is she to him, and why does he care?

Doctor Emma Kew’s luck is running out. The medical specialists have informed her that they’ve done everything they can, and that all she has left to look forward to is a miracle. Focused and armed with a streak of stubbornness a mile wide, she goes to Heartsridge to find a solution. To find a shifter, actually. The original plan was that any shifter would do, but when a large, scowling man nearly mows her down in the street, she makes a snap decision. She wants him. The man with the tortured eyes that see straight into her soul. He’s the one who’ll save her.

But when the threat to the town escalates and Brent’s world starts falling apart, will Emma find a place by his side? She might be the one to give him everything he’s ever wanted. She might also be the one to finally destroy him.

Fate can be cruel and control sometimes nothing but an illusion. Decisions have consequences and repercussions. Is Brent ready to face the truth and do what needs to be done?

The Wolf's Bride (The Wolf's Peak Saga Book 6) by [Blackmoor, Patricia]

Time is running out.

One week before Hazel is supposed to marry the love of her life, Adam, she learns he is missing. She joins with the duke and alpha werewolf, Jasper Wolfric, to track down her missing fiance, fearing the worst. The clock is ticking as Hazel frantically tries to save her fiance before their wedding bells ring.

His Human Vessel: An Alien Warrior Romance (Zandian Masters Book 5) by [Rose, Renee]HE PURCHASED HER TO BEAR A CHILD…HE WILL ALSO OWN HER SUBMISSION.

Bayla’s destiny had been set from the beginning. Her body would be used for sex and breeding. Nothing changed when the sexy Zandian doctor purchased her from the baby farm and brought her to his examination room.

Nothing. And everything.Daneth has always lived in his head, letting science govern his thoughts and choices. Having Bayla in his lab shouldn’t change that, but somehow the submissive human female gets under his skin. No matter how harshly he punishes her, she responds to his touch with passion, sparking a lust that threatens to distract him from his plans.

When Bayla learns Daneth has a weakness for her, she presses her advantage, but she has no desire to bear yet another child and have it taken from her arms. If only she could figure out how to stay with the dominant alien doctor but avoid the pregnancy…


Knights of Stone: Mason: (a Scottish gargoyle and witch romance) (Highland Gargoyles Book 1) by [Carlisle, Lisa]Few have ever dared to cross the boundaries–until now…

With a quarter century of burning hatred between the inhabitants of the Isle of Stone, Kayla knows all too well it is forbidden to cross boundaries. But that doesn’t keep her from being sorely tempted.

Drawn to discover the secrets beyond the tree witches’ forest, Kayla is intrigued by the talk of unconventional rock concerts in gargoyle territory.

But when she risks everything to sneak away from the coven, she never expects to return night after night, not just for the music, but for one particular gargoyle who captured her heart with his guitar.

Nor did she expect that her attention had not gone unnoticed…

With plans to seduce the pixie-like female, Mason spent several nights keeping a watchful eye on his prize, unaware she’s not just a passing visitor. But when he discovers she’s a tree witch, an enemy to his entire kind, Mason knows that anything between them would be forbidden. No matter how strong the temptation…

But other elements command their attention.

Something much more dangerous haunts the wolf shifters of the isle….

With the magic veil thinning there will be blood… and the full moon is coming.


A super steamy Dragon Shifter!

Red Denver couldn’t remember anything—not that she was a witch with powers, not that she was wanted, and not that she was on the run for years. Certainly not that she’d murdered the supposed love of her life in cold blood. Now she was a captive in the hands of powerful, “good” shifters who would stop at nothing to find out the truth. But all bets are off when a couple of them try to kill her. On the run, Red must face the heartbreak of her own memories—while protected by the man who was perhaps the most dangerous shifter of them all.

Henrik Mikhailov finally found the woman he’d been searching for so many years—the witch who’d mated with his best friend Malik and killed him without thought. It was a betrayal like no other, and now he could have his revenge. But things go south when someone tries to kill her first—and now, Henrik is questioning the truth. With witches and shifters and a terrible evil on their tail, they are now running and fighting for their lives…and feelings that should never, ever come to fruition.

Dragon – Henrik is the fourth book in The Clan Legacy series! It contains ridiculously hot dragons, steamy romance, and strong, vivacious women. HEA. Can be read as a standalone. Enjoy!


New Releases 7/5/17


When pastry chef Annabeth Jones goes on the run from her abusive fiance, the small town of Bearpaw Ridge offers her a safe haven.

Heat (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 1) by [Sexton, Ophelia]Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, with friendly neighbors and a bakery/cafe that needs a new owner, it’s the perfect place for her to start over.

Firefighter and bear shifter Dane Swanson knows at once that kind, curvy Annabeth is his fated mate. She’s also human, in a world where shifters must keep their existence secret. Annabeth has no idea that Bearpaw Ridge’s population is more shifter than human … but if they’re to be mated, Dane will have to find a way to tell her everything.

Wary of new relationships, Annabeth can’t help warming to the strong, handsome man who can’t get enough of her cinnamon rolls … or her. But her fragile hopes are shattered when her ex tracks her down, determined to reclaim her.

Dane is equally determined to protect his mate — but will Annabeth still accept him when he reveals the other side of his nature?



Fated For The Cyborg Officer: (Cybernetic Hearts #3) (Celestial Mates) by [Skye, Aurelia, Tunstall, Kit]Celestial Mates—Romancing the Galaxy…

Due to a flaw in her conversion that left her less of a cyborg, RVN99, or Raven, is like every cyborg’s little sister. The others protect her, and none of them treat her like she’s capable—until the general gives her a chance to prove herself. At Celestial Mates agent Freydon Rote’s request, he sends her to the humans’ enclave to work with Leith Campbell, the new leader, to discover if there is an underground human resistance to stop the cyborg/human treaty. She’s looking for anyone who could disrupt the peace, but she’s soon convinced she has found the human fated to be hers. If only Leith weren’t so stubborn about resisting their union…

Can a love fated outside of time and space conquer his resistance and bring them the healing and acceptance they both need? Find out in this latest installment in the Celestial Mates (and Cybernetic Hearts) series, brought to you by USA Today bestselling author Kit Tunstall, writing as Aurelia Skye.

Runaway fiancée + Sexy Beast Boss = Steamy Romance!

Bears of Burden: THORN by [Ayers, Candace]Allie is running scared. Not from monsters in the closet, or creepy things under the bed, she’s scared of commitment. On the run from a would-be fiancé, she finds a temp job as a barmaid in a small Texas town out in the middle of nowhere. True love is not on the agenda until she meets her big, burly boss, hot-as-hell Thorn Canton who lights her fires in all the right places.

Bear shifter Thorn Canton is a Successful tavern owner with no plans, whatsoever, of getting hitched. In fact, to Thorn, a mate might mean a fate worse than death—literally.

Loved by a Bear (Legends of Black Salmon Falls Book 1) by [Lively, Lauren]

Black Salmon Falls may be a small town, but it’s big on secrets…

Rose came from a broken home and Paula, her aunt and the only family she had ever been able count on is dying. After leaving her abusive ex in Seattle and running from a life forever shattered, she moved in with her aunt, determined to start over and build a new life in Black Salmon Falls while also helping care for her in her last days.

Asher is the privileged child of royalty. The son of the Chief of the Q’lapa Clan of werebears – the dominant clan in Black Salmon Falls. He is betrothed to Mariana, the daughter of the Chief of the N’gasso clan – the second most dominant clan. Asher is not thrilled with his life, but he is loyal to his clan and will do everything – including marrying somebody he does not love – in the name of his people.

But when fate intervenes and Asher meets Rose, things begin to change. On the surface, they couldn’t be more different. And yet, they apparently have more in common than they think. As they get to know each other, they both find something in each other they never expected. And as their affection for one another grows, it begins to cause strife within Asher’s family and clan.

A series of murders begin to shake the foundation of the truce between Q’lapa and N’gasso clans. Tensions rise and both clans are beating the drums of war. It’s up to Asher to step up and take control. To figure out who is behind the attacks and what the aim of the mystery man whipping up the winds of war is really up to.

He has to move quickly and potentially sacrifice everything in the name of his clan to stop a war before it breaks out in his beloved town of Black Salmon Falls.



He is about to DESTROY her world …or is he really her SAVIOR in disguise?

The Shifter's Mail Order Virgin (Stonybrooke Shifters) by [Ash, Leela]Molly is shocked to find that her family is on the receiving end of a business deal gone wrong. Her father, who has sacrificed everything for his family, could lose everything.

But a solution comes in an unlikely package; one Molly can’t refuse.

As a mail order bride, she is able to save her father and her brother, but when she meets the brooding, spoiled rich wolf shifter who has claimed her, she wonders if it will be possible to save herself.

Greyson is cocky, selfish, and doesn’t think twice about saying hurtful, careless things, but there is something about him that tells Molly that there’s more to him than there seems to be. But when she begins to fall for Greyson, the harsh reality sets in. He may never change. But she is stuck with him.

Will Molly ever be able to be anything but an inconvenience to this startlingly sexy man, or did she make the biggest mistake of her life in agreeing to become his mail order bride?


Spirited (Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Book 3) by [Payne, D.P.] Buying and renovating the old plantation house seems like a great idea. The fact that it’s supposedly haunted by the ghost of a murdered prostitute is a minor oversight. I don’t believe in that crap anyway. But after a late night rendezvous with a sexy spirit elicits a very real nocturnal emission from me, I have to rethink my belief in poltergeists…and love. The intoxicating woman who has been trapped here for over a century casts a spell over me with her humor, courage, and sexual talents. I know I have to do something to free her from her ethereal prison. But will my actions break the metaphysical chains holding her here, or will they release something darker into my new home?