New Releases 5/31/17

Dragon's Claim: Dragons of Rur (Book 2) by [Malloy, Shea]Dragons are nothing but monsters and they all deserve to die.

My father was all I had left and they took him from me.
All alone, I wished for death.
When it came for me, I was stolen by a dragon prince risen from the ice.
Even though I fight it…
Even though I should hate Adan for what he is…
I burn for him beneath his heated kisses.
I give in to his possessive, demanding touch.
And I know that I belong to no-one else but him.

She sees me as her enemy, but she is destined to be mine.

For so long my dragon was asleep.
Until it woke when my fated mate cried out in the darkness.
I saved Xia from death’s embrace so she could be held in mine.
Her softness and sweet scent drive me crazy with need.
I never want to let her go.
Yet she does not want to stay.
Amid the fight against the danger harming my people, I will show her that I am not her enemy.
I am the one meant for her.

Evander (Stratham Shifters Book 4) by [J. Stone, Sarah]Callie needed a fresh start. But moving to Stratham and opening a bookstore had more surprises than she expected. As she discovers the magical beast within herself, she must overcome her own demons to survive.

Evander was sent on a mission far more dangerous than expected. On the brink of death, he finds his mate and a reason to live.

Can the two break the links between their past and survive the future?







Dragon's Kiss (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 5) by [Martin, Miranda, Wells, Juno]A Dragon Hunter for me? No way.

Olivia thinks it’s impossible that the outrageously tall Zmaj with steely blue eyes would fall for her. A former data analyst, now she’s just another human crash survivor on the harsh and alien desert planet. Smart, curvaceous Olivia doesn’t feel like she measures up but that doesn’t stop Ragnar from eyeing her luscious curves.

He’s the best hunter for the Tribe, driven and single minded. Ragnar has always put the needs of his people over his own and never once regretted it, but now the dominant alpha male has his heart set on a different treasure. He’ll claim and protect the voluptuous beauty no matter the costs.

Life on Tajss is hard enough but now the Tribe is on the run from the same pirates that crashed Olivia’s ship. To find a new home will be a grueling journey through sandstorms and worse. She and Ragnar don’t speak the same language but Olivia ends up falling for the alien dragon-man anyway, finding she might have to choose between the mate she’s meant for and the people she belongs to.


Kayzon's Wish (Alien Bounty Hunters Book 3) by [Mills, Michele]Kayzon of Twenty-Six is beastly.

Small offspring cry at the sight of his hulking frame and the vicious scar that bisects the right side of his face. Banished from his home world and deemed unworthy of a Bride—his mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of most beings.

Except for one fierce, tiny female. She alone is unafraid.

Kia is astonished when a sexy Xylan Warrior strides through the crowded marketplace of New Earth. When she attempts to speak to him, he replies in a deep, husky voice, “Leave human. Nothing good will come from this.”

But when Hurlian soldiers start dropping from the sky, ready to snatch unsuspecting humans, Kayzon rescues her. And when his bare hand clutches hers, a bolt of awareness strikes them both.

Then he’s kissing her, claiming her and telling her with hoarse emotion that she is his Bride. Wow, her life is unfolding like something out of a romance vid…until Kia discovers her new husband was never meant to have a Bride. In fact, their mating is in review and she has one planetary rotation to formalize or reject their tenuous marriage.

Oh hell, what’s a girl to do?


Tempted by the Wolf: A Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance (True Mates Book 6) by [Montgomery, Alicia]Lone Wolf shifter Meredith is trying to make the next ten years of her life pass by quickly. After being caught trying to steal from the New York clan, she’s sentenced to servitude to them for the next decade to make up for her crimes. But, when she gets assigned to guard their prisoner, the handsome but dangerous warlock, Daric, things suddenly become complicated. She knows he’s their enemy, and possibly evil, but she’s having a hard time controlling her attraction to him.

Now that he’s is finally free from the evil mage Stefan, Daric has one single goal: the destruction of his former master. He’ll do anything to kill the mage who ruined his life, even if it means working with the New York clan and their alpha. However, his desire for his beautiful Lycan bodyguard is a distraction, one he can’t afford. The she-wolf is proving to be too alluring, and he’s craving for a taste.

When Meredith’s past comes back to haunt her and she’s left hurting, Daric can’t help but offer his comfort and assistance, especially when all roads lead back to the mages. Can he keep his head and his heart or will she prove to be the one weakness that could destroy him?



Double Score by [Paige, Violet, Elliot, Nicole]Double the play, double the pleasure.

Pure. Princess. Sheltered. That’s what they said about me. And it was true.

But all of that changed when I was auctioned off the highest bidder on the Austin Warriors Pro Football Team.

They would pay anything to put a fake ring on my finger.

They said it would be good PR, that I had to do it to save the team I had just inherited.

But who would save me?

Enter the team’s hottest wide receivers: Isaac Price and Dylan James.

I didn’t think I could fall for a player…let alone TWO.

But, they both wanted me. I wasn’t supposed to choose just one, was I?

Besides, I needed them. I couldn’t run the Warriors alone.

If anyone found out, I’d be ruined. The whole team would go down in flames.

The engagement might be fake, but my feelings for Isaac and Dylan were so very real.



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