New Releases 6.28.17

Leaving Home (Crescent Valley Book 2) by [Wolf, Terra ]

Nova Windego is stuck.

Trapped by a curse that a has her confined to the tiny magical town of Crescent Valley, she’s forced to face her worst fears. Deep secrets and hidden agendas are making her little “vacation” even worse. But when she meets Cannon, the hot manager of the Windego Winery, all bets are off. Maybe she can have a little fun.

When Nova arrives Cannon is struck with two thoughts, one she is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and two she is here to take his job. But his mama always told him to keep his friends close and enemies closer, so he takes her out for a night on the town. He realizes too quickly that he can’t be her enemy, with those sultry lips and feisty attitude. He has to have her, protect her from the one person she never expects to want to tear her down, her own brother.

Nova and Cannon are thrown into the middle of a family feud like no other. Because when wolves fight, they go for the kill.


Furever Mine: A BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance by [Clarke, Meredith, Wolf, Terra]Cash Andrews is losing control.

His anger is bubbling under the surface and his bear threatens to break free at any moment. Once his Alpha marries his true mate, Cash’s bear becomes even more difficult to manage no matter how much liquor he drinks or how many women he sleeps with. When he attacks another member of their clan, Kurt orders him to go to Bear Ridge Resort and return with his own true mate or not return at all.

Lani Conway is looking for a place to escape. After another failed relationship Lani sees an ad for a bartender at an upscale resort and she decides this is her way out. Once she lands her job, she finally feels like she is able to start over.

When Cash sits down at Lani’s bar at Bear Ridge Resort their whole world changes. The only problem is that employees of the resort must abide by a strict rule to not fraternize with any of the resort guests, and Lani’s overbearing boss will stop at nothing to make sure she and Cash never find their happily ever after.

Wing Her Over: A Fated Mate Romance by [Jade, Amelia]

Andrew Raskell had life just the way he wanted it. As a gryphon shifter and ambassador from his homeland of Cadia to the small human town of Cloud Lake, life is peaceful and uneventful. Mostly. But when he comes upon a wolf shifter trying to harm a human woman, his intervention changes everything. He never thought he’d see the short, blonde haired woman again, but a second chance meeting proved to him that it must be fate. Now, if he could only show her that he was right for her.

Karri Blaine had everything figured out. From a young age she’d driven herself harder than anyone else in the quest to take over her shifter-hating father’s company. The only problem? He wants to give it to her immature younger brother instead. All it will take is one slip up on Karri’s part and her father will have the reason he needs to strip her of her role within the company. Karri knows that she shouldn’t invite the shifter into her life. Not after what happened to her family two years before. This could be the opening her father needs, but she’s blinded by the sexiest, strongest man she’s ever met.

Her father isn’t the only problem that Karri needs to worry about. Andrew has unknowingly dragged her into the crosshairs of those who are gunning for his job, and they’ll stop at nothing to get there. Andrew is playing for keeps though, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart, no matter the cost to him…

Craze: Science Fiction Alien Abduction Romance (Galaxy Alien Warriors Book 3) by [LaRue, Lara]

When Misty is abducted from Earth by terrifying beastly looking aliens, she’s ready to fight for her life. But when the spaceship crash lands on an alien planet, and she’s rescued by Craze, a sexy alien warrior prince, she doesn’t know what to think.

When Craze rescues her, he doesn’t expect to find his fated mate Misty, with her lush curves and tempting body. Now all he can think about is claiming all of her…soul, heart, and body…for his very own. And he will stop at nothing to claim her.

Craze demands the right to take her under his protection. But all Misty wants is a way to get back to earth and the life she was taken from. And there is no way in hell that she’d fall for the sexy, overbearing alien warrior prince, who is determined to make her his own…


THE DRAGONIAN'S WITCH (The First Witch Book 1) by [Xuemei X, Meg]He abducts me to find his fated mate, unaware that I am she.

I am Freyja, the First Witch. I was born with a cruel curse: anyone I touch with my bare skin will die an agonizing death. That is, until a formidable, drop-dead gorgeous Dragonian prince invades my forest home.

The prince’s lust burns hot and bright for me, yet he resists, wanting his destined witch more. The oracle promises the witch will be his true queen and bring him the greatest kingdom on Earth. Knowing he’s the only man who can touch me, I crave his scorching caress. But I’ve sworn never to reveal that I am the witch. Not until he chooses me above her.

When the mating frenzy drives both of us to the brink of insanity, someone has to give, but it won’t be me.

Dragon (The Clan Legacy Book 4) by [Striker, J. S.]Red Denver couldn’t remember anything—not that she was a witch with powers, not that she was wanted, and not that she was on the run for years. Certainly not that she’d murdered the supposed love of her life in cold blood. Now she was a captive in the hands of powerful, “good” shifters who would stop at nothing to find out the truth. But all bets are off when a couple of them try to kill her. On the run, Red must face the heartbreak of her own memories—while protected by the man who was perhaps the most dangerous shifter of them all.

Henrik Mikhailov finally found the woman he’d been searching for so many years—the witch who’d mated with his best friend Malik and killed him without thought. It was a betrayal like no other, and now he could have his revenge. But things go south when someone tries to kill her first—and now, Henrik is questioning the truth. With witches and shifters and a terrible evil on their tail, they are now running and fighting for their lives…and feelings that should never, ever come to fruition.


Bride of The Dragons: Shifter Menage Fantasy Romance by [Coffey, Selina]Elokon and Siron have yet to find a mate.

Elokon became the alpha of his tribe three months ago, and since then, the human towns nearby have sent a dozen women in tribute, and even the women of nearby dragon tribes have sought them out. Elokon’s tribe is powerful and any dragon would be pleased to bear a child of his bloodline.But neither he nor Siron has seen a single woman that awakens the mating instinct. At long last, the High Dragon has passed down an edict: find a mate, or Elokon will be stripped of his power and banished. There is no place in the Dragonlands for an alpha who will not carry on the old bloodlines.As the third daughter of an impoverished Earl, Adelina has no dowry and no prospects.

Desperate not to become a priestess, she makes a plan: when the High Dragon’s court comes for their historic meeting with the human king, she will be so alluring that she can steal the heart of one of the richest noblemen at court. She has worked late into the night, sewing herself a dress that will catch anyone’s eye.

During the festivities, she knows she can tempt someone into an indiscretion…

But much to her shock, that someone isn’t human. Furthermore, it’s not one someone, but two. And now that they’ve found their mate, Elokon and Siron aren’t planning to let her go.


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Tempting the Crown by [Paige, Violet]

Temptation is king. And so am I.

As an ex Royal Navy Captain, I should be prepared for anything.

And I am, for anything but her.

The instant I see Molly on The Titan’s elite auction stage, I know I have to be the highest bidder.

No price is too high, hell I have more money than God.

But, she’s everything I’m not. Sweet, innocent, pure.

It’ll only take one night with her lips wrapped around my king-size c-ck to convince her she’s under my command.

But one night with Molly isn’t enough. I want her to be mine forever.

Screw chivalry. Screw centuries of royal law. I’m the King, I always get what I want.

And I want her.

But is she willing to give up her normal life to share the king’s bed?

Nobility demands it. I demand it.

It’s time Molly learns to come when her ruler calls.

Only having her could cost me everything I’ve ever known. Even the crown.



New Releases 6.21.17

Kane (Alexander Shifter Brothers Book 1) by [Coffey, Selina]

Kane hates rules, but he’s not afraid to break them… especially for the woman he desires.

Kane wants Damesha from the first time he lays eyes on her, plain and simple. But he knows how strict the clan rules are about outsiders, and he knows the Alpha, his own brother, is not going to make any exceptions for him. But he will do whatever it takes to have Damesha, even if that means turning against all his brothers!

Damesha is about to discover her true gift… as she unwittingly enters into the world of the Alexander’s…

Something tells Damesha she has to be in Kansas. There’s something that she needs to find there; she calls it research but deep down she knows there’s more to it…

But she wasn’t expecting the to meet Kane… he draws her in like no man ever has. Way beyond her attraction to his sexy, perfectly sculpted body, there’s something more to him than that, and she needs to find out what that something is…


NYC Shifters: Shifter Romance by [Winters, Sky]

There is a shifter war brewing on the streets of New York City, and lust is to blame….

In 1874 a mysterious group of animals escaped the Central Park Zoo. Since then, the streets of NYC have never been the same. As tensions grow between modern day shifter clans, their fragile truce will soon unravel…


As a member of the Ukranian Bears, I can’t let the alpha wolf get in my way. Giovanni is responsible for her death. Revenge will be mine. I will do anything to ruin that scoundrel’s life. Especially seducing and f**king with his younger sister Mona. Only problem is, I may have underestimated just how powerful she really is….


I can’t stand being under my brothers claw anymore. And now that the lead singer of Blood and Claw is giving me attention, I want my independence. I want Boris to take me completely. Boris is teaching me the shifter ways and helping me find my power. My brother is a tyrant, and I will do anything to bring down his reign. Unless anyone betrays me…


I need to escape.

After those racist bastards destroyed my home, I can’t face the world again.

I’ve rented a cabin in the heart of the Crookshollow forest. I’m going to lock myself away and work on my book. I’m going to write my story.

And I absolutely, positively WILL NOT think about Caleb, the hunky labourer who’s fixing up my cabin.

No way.

I won’t think about the way his eyes melt my heart, and his smile melts my panties.

I’m too emotionally raw right now. I can’t handle a fling, especially not with a white guy.

Especially not a guy like him. A guy who shags and leaves. I can’t handle any more heartache.


Rosa Parker – clever writer, black woman, total hottie.

The connection between us sizzles – there’s no denying it: this woman is my mate.

When I’m near her, all I want to do is claim her.

If only I wasn’t the biggest threat to her life right now.

With a rogue wolf pack after my hide, I can’t afford a distraction. Even a distraction as alluring as her.

I need to keep my wolfish instincts in check.

But I can’t help myself.

Rosa Parker has got under my skin.

And I won’t stop until I’ve made her mine.

Forbidden Alien Prince: Celestial Mates (The Alva) by [Martin, Miranda]

Big, blue, ripped as sin and totally off limits.

Drevakin Lo’ara, prince of a minor noble house, is desperate. He goes to the Celestial Mates dating agency in the hopes of fulfilling his dreams of finding his fated mate. The only problem is, unknown to everyone, the Celestial Mates agency has agreed that if a match is found, she goes to the prince of a major house. He has no idea that Clara Rivera is his match when a chance encounter leaves him begging to touch her luscious curves.

Clara Rivera lost everything when her fiance was killed in the line of duty. In a last ditch effort to escape the empty void of loneliness, Clara is convinced by her support group bestie to try out Celestial Mates. But when she arrives on Alva, it all seems to be a huge mistake. The prince she’s matched to is cruel and heartless and she wonders if she should give up and go back home when she meets sexy, gorgeous Drevakin. He makes her realize there might be way more reasons to stay.

Drevakin must win Clara’s heart despite Alvan politics and the danger it puts his beloved people in. Her intended match is ruthless, cold, dangerous and will stop at nothing, not even war, to force her back. The taste of her forbidden fruit is deliciously filthy and if they’re caught there will be hell to pay but Drevakin can’t stay away.


Dragon's Touch: Dragon Shifter Romance (Cursed Dragons Book 1) by [Lane, Cecilia]The only thing that could break their curse is the love of their fated mates.

Cursed by the very demon they were hunting, Davin Byrnes and his brothers have been stuck in a cycle of sleeping and demon hunting for nearly a century. When they’re woken unexpectedly from their latest slumber with the sense of their mates in their heads, they must split up and venture out in search of the women destined to free them from the demon’s infernal magic. Drawn by the feeling of his mate in pain, Davin finds himself in the middle of New York City with demons on his tail.

Bree Avery is damaged goods and she knows it. Her once happy life turned sour after her mother’s murder and she’s been guarded ever since, only feeling at ease with a paintbrush in her hands. When bad luck turns worse and her livelihood is threatened, the last thing she wants to hear is a strange story about witches in New York, demons and curses, and men who turn into dragons. But Davin’s hypnotic green eyes and powerful body are soon breaking down all of her defenses and Bree finds herself wanting to trust again.

After saving her from a group of mysterious attackers, Davin refuses to let Bree out of his sight and she’s forced to accept his mad stories are all too real. But supernatural forces are working to keep them apart and it will take all of Davin’s dragon strength and cunning to keep his curvy mate by his side and break the demon’s curse forever.


Feral (Many Lives Book 1) by [Hariharan, Laxmi]When your destiny stares right at you and you can’t see it…MAYA

He’s all I ever wanted

but, can I let myself love him?


I love her so I let her go

Knowing she may never come back

Something about lethal, predatory, shifter Luke calls out me. He’s my fated mate.

It tears me apart, but I must walk away from him to find my blood family.

What I hadn’t counted on was uncovering secrets about my past.

Revelations that change my life forever.

I now face the ultimate test to become Alpha. If I lose, the future of my pack is at stake.

Can I overcome the challenge, while winning back the only man I want to be with?


Zaruv: A Sci-Fi Alien Dragon Romance (Aliens of Dragselis Book 1) by [Zenia, Zara]

My new patient is odd…because he says he’s from another planet. And can shift into a dragon.

Oh, on top of that, he’s a prince.

But maybe I’m crazy, too.

Because after getting to know him, I wouldn’t mind becoming his princess.

Jennifer is a nurse that runs a free clinic on Vaxivia. She has no time for dating and fights for the health and well-being of her Vaxivian people. That is, until one day when she encounters a strange patient in her clinic.

Prince Zaruv just started his exile along with his three younger brothers, which was a common tradition in a new king’s reign. They were supposed to get to Dragselis, but were attacked and their ship and crew went crashing toward Vaxivia.

They got scattered throughout the land during the crash. Zaruv was injured while landing, but luckily he was found by the local children and brought to the free clinic.

He needs to hide the fact that he’s an alien dragon shifter from Jennifer, the beautiful human nurse taking care of him, for fear that she may not help knowing what he is. But he needs her help as he has no one else to turn to. He can’t help but start to feel attraction towards her.

Will Jennifer still help him after finding out he is an alien? What will happen to them when the locals find out that he’s not from this planet? Will they end up together or will fate and the rest of the Vaxivian society have other plans for them?


New Releases – 6/14/2017

The Silver Spider: A Dragon Shifter Urban Fantasy Steampunk Romance (Dragon, Stone & Steam Book 2) by [Alisyn, Emma]

A fae witch with a rare skill, coveted by a powerful Lord. A dragon shifter unafraid to start a war. A tentative new bond threatened by a quest for vengeance.

Kill the man who almost caused her sister’s death. That is Serephone’s only goal. She might not survive the attempt, especially when she must battle mages, trolls and fight in a tournament to the death…but if she dies, she’ll take some of the bastards with her.

Her enemy, a powerful mage determined to use Serephone’s unique magic for himself, sees lifetime servitude as a much better option than death.

Amnan lived through a war, and the death of his beloved mother. He’s old enough to know when to follow his heart—and when to follow a woman. He’ll be damned if he lets his possible mate take off to a Dome and get herself killed dueling with flesh traffickers.

He goes after her, but in order to save her, he must sacrifice his freedom. And even then, she may be snatched away from him forever.

Lure of the Dragon (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 1) by [Lowe, Anna]Nothing is forbidden to this elite corps of shifter bodyguards and private investigators…except falling in love.

Good dragons? Bad dragons? Twenty-four hours ago, private chef Tessa Byrne didn’t know about the terrifying world of shifters. Now she knows too much, like the fact that a ruthless dragon lord is determined to claim her — forever. Tessa flees to Maui, where sunny skies, swaying palms, and a handsome stranger conspire to play tricks with her heart. Can she truly trust Kai Llewellyn and his band of battle-hardened shapeshifters to save her from a gruesome fate?

Don’t trust a human, and never, ever fall in love with one. Those are lessons Kai learned the hard way. But Tessa is different. Her emerald eyes mirror the mysterious pendant she wears, and her flaming red hair makes his heart race. Is his inner dragon just greedy for a new kind of treasure, or is Tessa his destined mate?



Reason to Love (Credence Curse Book 3) by [Venez, Sedona]

Vampire princesses can’t be tamed… unless it’s by a dominant Alpha desperate to make her his mate.

Reason Orlov is the headstrong daughter of the vampire king. The black sheep among her coven, Reason is progressive, independent, and seeking adventure. Her father wants her married, pregnant, and out of the way, but Reason isn’t having any of it… until a sexy wolf comes in to demand her submission.

Jack Alagona– better known as Jackal— is a wolf shifter with a grudge against vampires. After the vampires took what was most precious to him, he built a wall around his heart and has let no one inside since.

Then Reason and Jackal meet, and a passion erupts between them that cannot be contained. Love between vampires and shifters is forbidden, but Jackal and Reason still fall for each other, hard. Soon, the couple ends up tangled in a hot romance that’s as emotional as it is sexy.

But it’s dangerous being more than friends. Though Reason drives him crazy in ways he can’t explain, Jackal’s past still haunts his every move, yet fate demands they come together.

Will Jackal let Reason in? Or will Reason be unable to heal his wounded heart?

Reason to Love is the third book in the Credence Curse Saga, a series of intercultural and interracial shifter romance tales. If you like paranormal romance novels full of strong heroines, steamy scenes, sexy shifters and erotic thrills, then you’ll fall for the latest romp from author Sedona Venez.

Blackjack Bears: Maximus (Koche Brothers Book 5) by [Jade, Amelia]Haley Salvannah’s day started off normal, though it didn’t last. Things go completely awry when a stunningly handsome man sits down and hijacks her live TV show. The only thing more shocking than his appearance is the message he has to give. Enthralled by his passion and soulful brown eyes, she lets him speak live to her audience. What follows is the wildest adventure of her life, complete with terrifying encounters, life-threatening situations, laughter, and most importantly, a love she never knew could burn so bright.

For bear shifter Maximus Koche, eldest of five brothers, his journey is almost at an end. But in his single-mindedness to get a message out about the threat his species faces, he has inadvertently dragged the gorgeous and completely unprepared TV host into the middle of his dangerous world. Now he has to juggle defeating the Institute, killing its leader, and protecting his newfound mate. It’s a tall order, but if anyone is up to it, it’s the leader of the Blackjack Bears.

Life as a fugitive isn’t what Haley expected, but it’s given her Maximus, for which she is more grateful every day. With the Institute still hanging over his family like a guillotine though, she knows she’ll never have him completely to herself until it’s over. With his ruthless persistence and her forward thinking, they can’t be beat. But the Institute doesn’t play fair, and they’ll stop at nothing to eliminate her, him, and the entire Koche clan. It’ll take the trust that only mates have to break their enemy. But can Maximus open himself up before it’s too late?



Double Bossed by [Elliot, Nicole]Look at this special contemporary new release!

In our law practice, we’re always firm.


I’m broke. With no way to pay for my law school degree and mounting debt, I’m willing to do whatever I have to—even play dumb.

The verdict? Get a job with the city’s two hottest lawyers.

But what I don’t realize is they want to hear my pleas.

All night long.Travis/Patrick

We need a legal assistant.

But neither of us are prepared for the bombshell that walks into the interview.

Innocent. Perfect. Tempting.

We both want her.

Come on honey, analyze our briefs.

We’re not some hung jury, we make up our minds.

Hung, sure. Indecisive, no way.

Cassie will be ours.

Employees are supposed to be off limits.

But we have to get our hands on her assets.

Because once we have Cassie—it’s case closed.

There’s no letting go.

Double Bossed is a super steamy menage office romance. There are MF and MFM scenes in this book. It has a HEA and NO Cliffhanger. There are a few bonus books for your reading pleasure (Including an EXCLUSIVE Book, Filthy Boss). Enjoy!


New Releases – 6/7/17

Rohn (Dragons of Kratak Book 1) by [Scott, Ruth Anne]Rohn takes what he wants, and when he sets his sights on Rose, nothing can change his mind…

Rose Cooper leads a scientific team to conduct research into the Clans of remote and rugged Planet Kratak. The Clans live in massive Keeps build directly into the heart of the forbidding mountains. The Krataks don’t trust these visitors from the Allies. They suspect the scientific team represents the first survey team scouting the planet for possible domination. When one of the team turns up missing, Rose finds herself in possession of a dangerous secret that could tear her whole world apart.

Rose must balance her role as Commander of the team even as she falls head over heels for the powerful, dominant Rohn Harkniss, the rugged second son of Planet Kratak’s warlike Clans. He upsets everything she knows about her people, her mission, and herself. He takes what he wants, and when he sets his sights on Rose, nothing can change his mind.

Can she bring all the pieces of the puzzle together before it’s too late? Will she be lost forever from the world she knows, or will this magical world claim her and send her spinning into a bright future of love and belonging?

Stuck in the Cabin (Exiled Dragons  Book 8) by [J. Stone, Sarah]*5 FREE BONUS BOOKS INCLUDED (Dragons of Umora)*

Brought together by a boss neither could stand, Neil and Stephanie fall in love while learning to work together against him. Sent on a trip to a remote cabin over the Christmas holidays, they find the one thing each of them so desperately needed: each other.

As events unfold around them, the secret Neil carries could spell disaster as his past leads him home to Ireland and into a world that Stephanie could never have imagined.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, and piles of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences only.


Verkiir (Warriors of the Karuvar Book 1) by [Serra, Alana , Wells, Juno]

She’s always known you can’t trust aliens, but nobody ever said they would be this hard to resist.

Between her work as a nurse and trying to keep her teenage sister from doing something stupid, Meg Cauthran has her hands full. Since the death of her parents from malfunctioning alien technology, Meg has lived with one simple truth: The aliens are nothing but trouble. And when she’s assigned to a Karuvar medical facility, the impossibly sexy, incredibly possessive Verkiir proves just how right she is.

As First Guardian, Verkiir fer Vel’a is entrusted with the very future of the Karuvar–protecting the Pathfinder’s only son. Despite his people’s tales of fated mates, Verkiir only believes in one thing: His duty. But when he lays eyes on the feisty Meg, all he can think about is claiming all of her–heart, body, and soul–for his own.

Their desire may burn brighter than the fiercest sun, but Verkiir wants more than one scorching hot night. Trying to convince Meg of their shared destiny is no easy feat, though. Especially when he has no idea what a human female even wants from a mate.

When their charges go missing in the dangerous ruins of a decimated Earth city, Verkiir and Meg are forced to rely on each other and the bond they share. But is the world truly ready to accept a union between a human and a Karuvar? And can they learn to trust each other–to overcome their prejudices–or are they destined to be torn apart?

Verkiir is the first novel in an exciting new sci fi romance series. It features a super sexy alpha alien hero, a confident, sassy heroine, and explicit scenes not suitable for the faint of heart!


Dragon Planet: A Shifter Alien BBW Romance (Dragons of Theros Book 1) by [Walker, Rhea]Sexy Dragon Shifters, Fiery Nonstop Action, Fated Alien Mates

Sci-fi Romance that’ll take your breath away

Leave your world behind–visit Dragon Planet today!
Crash landing on an alien planet was definitely not on the itinerary.

But while touring the Pyramids of Egypt my friends and I are sucked through a tear in reality and hurtled through space.

We’re surrounded by exploding volcanoes, killer predators, and wild alien barbarians who want to take us hostage and use us like cattle.

My only hope is a smoking-hot alpha dragon with brilliant eyes and giant claws who claims me as his treasured one. He’s powerful, possessive, and willing to fight anyone who messes with his mate.

He’s a shifter named Targon, and he’s a Dragon Lord.

My knees wobble and my head spins whenever his fiery eyes are upon me. His touch lights a fire in my heart like I’ve never felt before.

But there’s danger at every turn, and the other dragons want to repopulate their planet… using my body.

This Full-Length Romance Novel contains exotic alien locales, nonstop action, and steamy scenes between a seductively hot dragon shifter and a BBW from Earth.

There are No Cliffhangers and you’re guaranteed a Happily Ever After!

Book One of The Dragons of Theros Series


Bitten, Beaten, & Loved by [Banks, Catherine]Rose never wanted to be a werewolf. She was turned against her will by her vicious boyfriend and forced to join his pack, who abused and betrayed her. Rose escaped her abusers, but the damage has left deep scars. Now Rose doesn’t trust anyone.

Then Rose meets Sean, a handsome and kind werewolf who is unlike any male – werewolf or human – she has ever met. His charm begins to break down the walls Rose has built up around her heart. Can she learn to love again? Or will her old pack find her and make sure she can never escape again?


New Releases 5/31/17

Dragon's Claim: Dragons of Rur (Book 2) by [Malloy, Shea]Dragons are nothing but monsters and they all deserve to die.

My father was all I had left and they took him from me.
All alone, I wished for death.
When it came for me, I was stolen by a dragon prince risen from the ice.
Even though I fight it…
Even though I should hate Adan for what he is…
I burn for him beneath his heated kisses.
I give in to his possessive, demanding touch.
And I know that I belong to no-one else but him.

She sees me as her enemy, but she is destined to be mine.

For so long my dragon was asleep.
Until it woke when my fated mate cried out in the darkness.
I saved Xia from death’s embrace so she could be held in mine.
Her softness and sweet scent drive me crazy with need.
I never want to let her go.
Yet she does not want to stay.
Amid the fight against the danger harming my people, I will show her that I am not her enemy.
I am the one meant for her.

Evander (Stratham Shifters Book 4) by [J. Stone, Sarah]Callie needed a fresh start. But moving to Stratham and opening a bookstore had more surprises than she expected. As she discovers the magical beast within herself, she must overcome her own demons to survive.

Evander was sent on a mission far more dangerous than expected. On the brink of death, he finds his mate and a reason to live.

Can the two break the links between their past and survive the future?







Dragon's Kiss (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 5) by [Martin, Miranda, Wells, Juno]A Dragon Hunter for me? No way.

Olivia thinks it’s impossible that the outrageously tall Zmaj with steely blue eyes would fall for her. A former data analyst, now she’s just another human crash survivor on the harsh and alien desert planet. Smart, curvaceous Olivia doesn’t feel like she measures up but that doesn’t stop Ragnar from eyeing her luscious curves.

He’s the best hunter for the Tribe, driven and single minded. Ragnar has always put the needs of his people over his own and never once regretted it, but now the dominant alpha male has his heart set on a different treasure. He’ll claim and protect the voluptuous beauty no matter the costs.

Life on Tajss is hard enough but now the Tribe is on the run from the same pirates that crashed Olivia’s ship. To find a new home will be a grueling journey through sandstorms and worse. She and Ragnar don’t speak the same language but Olivia ends up falling for the alien dragon-man anyway, finding she might have to choose between the mate she’s meant for and the people she belongs to.


Kayzon's Wish (Alien Bounty Hunters Book 3) by [Mills, Michele]Kayzon of Twenty-Six is beastly.

Small offspring cry at the sight of his hulking frame and the vicious scar that bisects the right side of his face. Banished from his home world and deemed unworthy of a Bride—his mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of most beings.

Except for one fierce, tiny female. She alone is unafraid.

Kia is astonished when a sexy Xylan Warrior strides through the crowded marketplace of New Earth. When she attempts to speak to him, he replies in a deep, husky voice, “Leave human. Nothing good will come from this.”

But when Hurlian soldiers start dropping from the sky, ready to snatch unsuspecting humans, Kayzon rescues her. And when his bare hand clutches hers, a bolt of awareness strikes them both.

Then he’s kissing her, claiming her and telling her with hoarse emotion that she is his Bride. Wow, her life is unfolding like something out of a romance vid…until Kia discovers her new husband was never meant to have a Bride. In fact, their mating is in review and she has one planetary rotation to formalize or reject their tenuous marriage.

Oh hell, what’s a girl to do?


Tempted by the Wolf: A Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance (True Mates Book 6) by [Montgomery, Alicia]Lone Wolf shifter Meredith is trying to make the next ten years of her life pass by quickly. After being caught trying to steal from the New York clan, she’s sentenced to servitude to them for the next decade to make up for her crimes. But, when she gets assigned to guard their prisoner, the handsome but dangerous warlock, Daric, things suddenly become complicated. She knows he’s their enemy, and possibly evil, but she’s having a hard time controlling her attraction to him.

Now that he’s is finally free from the evil mage Stefan, Daric has one single goal: the destruction of his former master. He’ll do anything to kill the mage who ruined his life, even if it means working with the New York clan and their alpha. However, his desire for his beautiful Lycan bodyguard is a distraction, one he can’t afford. The she-wolf is proving to be too alluring, and he’s craving for a taste.

When Meredith’s past comes back to haunt her and she’s left hurting, Daric can’t help but offer his comfort and assistance, especially when all roads lead back to the mages. Can he keep his head and his heart or will she prove to be the one weakness that could destroy him?



Double Score by [Paige, Violet, Elliot, Nicole]Double the play, double the pleasure.

Pure. Princess. Sheltered. That’s what they said about me. And it was true.

But all of that changed when I was auctioned off the highest bidder on the Austin Warriors Pro Football Team.

They would pay anything to put a fake ring on my finger.

They said it would be good PR, that I had to do it to save the team I had just inherited.

But who would save me?

Enter the team’s hottest wide receivers: Isaac Price and Dylan James.

I didn’t think I could fall for a player…let alone TWO.

But, they both wanted me. I wasn’t supposed to choose just one, was I?

Besides, I needed them. I couldn’t run the Warriors alone.

If anyone found out, I’d be ruined. The whole team would go down in flames.

The engagement might be fake, but my feelings for Isaac and Dylan were so very real.