New Releases 4/5/17

The Wolf's Choice (The Wolf's Peak Saga Book 4) by [Blackmoor, Patricia]She’s in love…and in danger.

Hazel has been in love with her neighbor and brother’s best friend, Adam, ever since she can remember. She thinks he may finally love her back until he tries to set her up with his boss, Duke Jasper Wolfric, the alpha werewolf of England. She has no interest in marrying the duke; all she wants is Adam.

After the duke chooses a different bride, Hazel and Adam begin to get closer. But as their relationship progresses, Hazel finds herself in danger. She is threatened by another woman who is in love with Adam and by a wolf who is bent on her demise. Will Hazel be able to fight for her love and her life and make her own happily ever after?

Green Bearets: Gabriel (Base Camp Bears Book 6) by [Jade, Amelia]Captain Gabriel Korver has been on the front lines for the entire duration of the war. He refuses to leave, citing the fact that he needs to be there. The truth is, he isn’t sure he could live with himself if his men were killed while he wasn’t around. The lack of downtime is playing havoc with his bear, and the resulting stress is tearing his mind apart. The last thing he needs is to be saddled with the small, stubborn, and yet somehow oddly desirable news reporter poking around Cloud Lake.

Stephanie Holmes was just a temp. She took the stories none of the “real” reporters would touch with a ten-foot pole, and did her best to turn them into things that could actually be aired, or written about, whichever her boss wanted. So when the others all pass up a chance to go to Cloud Lake and interview the bear shifters and learn about the ongoing war between them, the task falls to her. Her first warning that she might have gotten in above her head comes in the form of a towering figure, who happens to be both gorgeous, and also wearing a shirt covered in blood…

As the intrepid reporter learns more about the ongoing conflict, she begins to see the shifters for who they really are. That is, until her efforts to uncover some of the secrets of the war lead her to overhear Gabriel talking about her, leaving her hurt and confused.

The final battle with the Fenris Remnants is looming large, and Gabriel needs to focus what little mental strength he has left on the coming fight. He doesn’t have time for emotions such as lust, or even to his surprise, love, to get in the way. But when push comes to shove, it’s Stephanie who may just be able to end the war and save the day, not him.



Aevar: Trekkers (A SciFi Alien Human Military Romance) by [Wolf, Terra, Wells, Juno]Aevar has to prove himself.

As the new leader of the Trekkers, he’s finding it difficult to live up to the position. When Jubar, a small planet, calls for aid, this is his opportunity to show his team he’s fit to lead.

But when he arrives, there’s a lot more going on than he bargained for.

Their Chancellor is dead and their new leader is a beautiful human girl who makes his heart feel things he didn’t know were possible.

But she and her group are prey, and the predator hunting them is still on the loose.

Ivy’s life was simple.

Jubar was her home. She had a job, a family, a purpose.

But now? There is nothing left.

Her childhood home burned to the ground, her family missing, and she is left caring for the remaining people. But finally, the Galatic Alliance has arrived. And they’re going to keep them safe.

Until they can’t. The monsters who kidnapped her people have returned, and they’re looking for revenge.

Together Aevar and Ivy must find out who this new species of monster is that are preying on her people, but first they’re going to have to make sure they can survive the night.

Presenting the Trekkers, a standalone series from Amazon Bestselling Authors Terra Wolf and Juno Wells. All stories end with a HEA and no cliffhanger!




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