New Releases 2/22/17

Coming Home (Crescent Valley Book 1) by [Wolf, Terra]Cole Bradwick is lonely. Ever since his sister Bianca died he feels like the whole clan is moving on without him. His little sister Olivia has found her mate and now his cousin Isabella has shown up at his castle with a new boyfriend. Being alpha is hard, especially when he’s too busy monitoring clan politics to find some time to date. But when he finally does find a woman who makes his bear growl, there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye.

Juliet Pierson sucks at magic. She also sucks at dating. So when her Aunt Irma sets her up with Cole, she finds it hard to resist him. But magical secrets threaten to tear them and Crescent Valley apart at every turn.

Cole and Juliet must bring everyone together to fight a hidden evil among them, or risk losing Crescent Valley, and their newfound love, forever.

Coming Home is the first book in the Crescent Valley Series, from bestselling Paranormal Romance author, Terra Wolf. It’s full of shifter secrets and sexy times. It has a HFN ending. Look for book two in March! Also features A Growling Good Gift, Isabella and Lucas’s Holiday story!

Dusan (Scifi Alien Romance) (Galactic Mates) by [Hunter, Luna]

Dusan must choose: His squad or his mate. 

Cindy Knox needs a break. The shapely blonde saved the galaxy with Michelle and Novak’s help, and now the intergalactic paparazzi won’t leave her alone. She never asked for thisfame, and does her best to flee from the spotlight. While looking for some peace of mind her ship’s engine dies, and she finds herself stranded in space, millions of miles from home. Cindy’s oxygen supply is running low, and time is running out.

There is only one ship that can help her, but it belongs to the Zoran Special Forces. These battle-hardened warriors are on a top-secret mission, and rescuing a dame in distress is not part of their plan…

Dusan is piloting the Zoran ship when he receives Cindy’s distress call. The seven-foot tall warrior can’t ignore the blonde’s pleas for help — even though it means violating a direct order. The moment he lays his eyes on her, the warrior feels the primal urge to protect her.

The elite soldier endangers his mission and his entire career by picking up the stranded human — according to his superiors.

Will the alien warrior choose love over duty?


Desired by the Bear (The Alaska Shifters Book 4) by [Sinn, Ashlee]Zane Miller knew it was love at first sight. Ever since he’d laid eyes on the icy but beautiful Danika Drakov, his bear had wanted more. Everyone told him he was crazy for trying, but Zane wasn’t the type to let others talk him out of something. Especially when pursuing a mate. And when the powerful dragon shifter saved him from certain death, he knew he’d made an impression on her as well. Now she was taking care of him and Zane couldn’t be happier…except that his grizzly hadn’t returned yet and he didn’t know how long he might have to suffer without him.

Danika Drakov was supposed to stay hidden. With a dark family secret at risk, the burden of her history weighed heavily on her heart for centuries. So, she stayed detached. Cold and emotionless were keys to her survival. But when Zane had been tortured and almost killed, she couldn’t stop the heat in her heart from breaking free. And that heat, that love, has put her entire community at risk.

When her family secret is revealed, Danika is pulled into its twisted web. The lives of the Alaska shifters are threatened at the same time the federal government is demanding a national registry. As the outside world begins to collapse around them, Danika and Zane she must decide if it’s worth jeopardizing those they care about for a chance at happiness and stability.


The Alien's Prize (A SciFi Alien Warrior Romance) (Warriors of Luxiria Book 1) by [Draven, Zoey]Welcome to Luxiria, where the twin suns are hot and the alien warriors are hotter…

Kate Harper finally had everything going on back on Earth: her dream job, a kickass best friend, and an apartment completely void of her cheating ex. That is, until she wakes up, cuffed and naked, on an alien planet/fight club known as the Pit. Worse? Aliens fight to the death to be able to claim their prize: human pleasure mates. Even worse? She realizes she’s one of them.

Vaxa’an, the Prime Leader of Luxiria, has a duty to his warrior species: continue their race. Infamously ruthless and deadly, the Luxirian knows he’ll have no trouble claiming a Breeder at the Pit. What he doesn’t expect to find is his fated mate, with her lush curves and tempting body. And he will stop at nothing to claim her.

When Kate becomes the warrior alpha’s prize, her only goal is getting back to the life she was taken from. Certainly not to fall for the sexy, overbearing barbarian with a wicked tongue, who is determined to make her his own…

Jarick (Warriors of Orba Book 2) by [Zenia, Zara]After she rescued us, I only wanted HER.

After escaping Palzu’s clutches, Jarick and Victorinth split up from the group and end up hopping on a train to land in a small town just outside of a larger city. That city contains one of the most secretive and powerful laboratories in the world, the Trojan Group.

They have been on alert due to signs of actual extraterrestrial life sensed in the vicinity. One of the lab techs, Madison, is able to track down the two aliens, leading to their capture.

At first, it seems as though the Orbas are just going to be studied, but Madison learns that some of the higher-ups in the group have been replaced with alien lookalikes who want to kill Jarick and Victorinth.

Madison is able to get them out of there without too much trouble, but the aliens are now aware that she knows they’re hiding in plain sight.

They need to find a way to escape. In the process, Jarick finds that he really wants Madison. More than he thought.

Madison, too, starts to fall for Jarick. But can they really be together? She’s human, and he’s an Orba warrior. An alien!

Will their newfound love survive the ultimate test? Will they be able to escape the imposter aliens who have infiltrated the Trojan Group?



New Releases 2/15/17

Bear Game: A Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance by [Wolf, Terra, Summers, Ally]Can she rearrange his heart?

Grayson Hawthorne is stuck in the past. Since his father died he hasn’t been able to move on. But his brothers have had enough. They’re tired of his overbearing nature and they just want to let loose and have fun. And the brothers get what they want.

Sienna McKenzie loves her job. She’s one of the best interior designers in the Denver area. But when she’s tasked with remodeling billionaire CEO Grayson’s office, she realizes she’s met her match.

And now that Grayson has her, he won’t let her go.




The Alien Mate's Abduction: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance by [Zenia, Zara, Wells, Juno]I want you to know that no matter what happens, I don’t blame you and I’ll love you until I die.”

Lainey devotes her entire life to taking care of others. As a cancer researcher, compassion is a huge part of her job. She has to care about her test subjects if she’s going to be able to put into the necessary energy needed to help save them.

It’s the same with Markathus, who goes by Mark, her dark god with his traditional style and quiet manner.

But when it turns out that he’s not the man he claims to be, and she ends up naked in a freezer on a cold gurney, she finds herself questioning her feelings for him. He says he’ll help her, and that even though she’s in a strange place with things that weren’t supposed to exist, she’ll be OK.

First, though, she needs to learn to trust him, and there’s no way she can trust a man that isn’t human. He lied to her, her did this to her and now he was asking her to believe in him.

Will Lainey find a way back to Earth? What will Markathus do to her?


Lucille's Valentine: A Steamy & Suspenseful Vampire Romance (Vampires of London Book 3) by [Moone, Lorelei]The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Lucille Amboise has been serving as Enforcer to the Vampire Council for centuries; a role she’s always taken extremely seriously. When an investigation causes her to cross paths with a human tracker who is hunting the same criminal, she decides to join forces, at least on the surface, to increase her chances of bringing the rogue vampire to justice. Two things she didn’t count on: the growing connection between the human and her, and the ever growing risk of losing either her life or her heart if he finds out about her true nature.

Valentino Conti’s family has lived on the fringes of human society for generations. He comes from a long line of hunters, not of animals, but of so-called Nightwalkers. His latest investigation takes him to London, where he’s surprised to find a mysterious woman on the trail of the same murderous monster he’s after. They begin to work together, but he can’t contain his curiosity: who is his new partner, and what secrets she does she hide?

All books, including this one, in the Vampires of London series are standalone and can be read out of order.


Ilias: A Paranormal Shifter Romance (Stratham Dragons Book 2) by [Stone, Sarah J.]Ilias is the youngest of the dragons and is fed up with being treated like a child. He seems to get sicker by the day and knows he must find his mate. When fate crosses their paths, she’s neither trilled nor trusting. But when she gets kidnapped, Ilias must prove to her that they belong together.

Andrea thinks a trip home will allow her to escape all of her problems. She couldn’t be more wrong. In a matter of weeks, she gets attacked by a troll and kidnapped by a psycho dragon. Battling a drug addiction and depression – there’s only so much she can take before she breaks.

Will Ilias be able to save her or will she run herself into the ground?


Shifter Untamed (Aspen Valley Wolf Pack Book 1) by [Monroe, Amber Ella]Dane Magnus fought for and won the position of Pack Alpha, but to legally inherit the land left by his late human mother, the shifter needs to marry a human. His plan is easier said than done, especially when not just any woman will do.

Trina Daniels needs six figures to pay for her dad’s surgery. Money she doesn’t have. She’s willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it means pursuing drastic measures, such as entertaining a scandalous, but lucrative offer by the womanizing Dane Magnus.

One steamy night leads to another. With the mate bond intact, there’s nothing either of them can do to tame their luscious desires.

But when outsiders begin to threaten their lives and their chance at happiness, they only have each other to rely on.


New Releases 2/8/17

Dragon's Love: A SciFi Alien Baby Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 3) by [Martin, Miranda, Wells, Juno]I guess I’m one of the last survivors of the human race and I’m stranded on this hell of a desert alien planet. Sucks to be me.

Our ship crashed months ago and those of us left are struggling to survive the boiling heat in barbaric living conditions. The only reason we’re not all dead is one of my friends got knocked up by a native alien and he lets us live in his ruined city. We should be grateful but a lot of the humans hate the dragons and the girls who mate with them. Fools.

The natives are huge, seven foot tall dragon-men with wings and tails and scales. Surly and overly protective, who needs that? Not me. Alien baby fever is the new in thing, but I’m not falling for the hype. I’ve always survived being alone and I don’t need anyone to change that. Try telling that to Shidan, the most annoyingly persistent alien male around.

Thanks to the primitive nature of the destroyed planet we have no idea what’s happening when things go wrong with my friend’s pregnancy. I’m sure I can salvage something from our crashed ship that will help, but to get there I’ll have to leave the city’s protection and go out in the sweltering heat where everything wants to kill me. The only way I’ll survive is if Shidan comes too and he’s made it clear he wants only one thing. Love.

Novak (Galactic Mates) by [Hunter, Luna]This alien general demands obedience.

Being an ambassador ain’t easy — especially if you’re a young, curvy blonde on a space station full of aliens! Michelle Coors tries her best to serve humanity, but sometimes it feels like she’s running into a brick wall. The Zorans are the worst of them — headstrong, arrogant, alpha warrior aliens who show her zero respect. She can’t stand them… until she meets General Novak. The tall, sexy, alien male is impossible to resist.

Novak, a battle-hardened Zoran warrior, is tasked with showing the human ambassador a brand-new ship the Alliance designed. The brooding, blue-skinned general is not a fan of humans, but orders are orders. When his eyes land on Michelle’s curves he feels an instant attraction, and her feisty attitude makes her even harder to resist.

Before either of them can act on their impulses, the ship explodes — and they only barely escape with their lives. The pair are tasked with investigating this crime, while trying desperately to deny their insane chemistry.

When all the evidence points to human wrongdoing, both their romance and the Alliance itself are in danger of crumbling.

Can their love save the galaxy?


The Wolf's Cub (The Wolf's Peak Saga Book 3) by [Blackmoor, Patricia]They’ve been through hell…and it’s not over yet.

With a new baby to look after and her murderous brother-in-law, Seth, behind bars, Christine hopes that she and her husband can finally take some time to relax. Her hope is shattered, however, when they receive a summons from the werewolf elders calling them to testify.

Christine will have to face her demons again and relive the horrible things Seth has done to her. She’s terrified, but knows that this is the only way to keep her family safe. With the entire council and their families, the Wolf’s Peak pack makes their way to the elders’ castle.

Just because Seth is behind bars doesn’t mean he’s given up. He has a few tricks up his sleeve meant to destroy Christine and her family once and for all. Christine will have to find her courage, save herself, and finally learn how far she’ll go to keep her family safe.


Wrax: (Warriors of Firosa Book 1) by [Hearth, Thanika, Huntress, Starr]Honor is everything to me.

Wrax is undefeated in the Firosan arena; the king of deathmatches on his home planet. When he comes up against a man with everything to lose, he knows his winning streak will soon come to an end. Is there any way to win against a cheater without a conscience? And how does he explain this to his new bride, teleported all the way from Earth to reluctantly bear his offspring?

I trusted my instincts before, and I got burned.

Cara is a junior lawyer with a past riddled with wrong decisions and bad luck. A family who leeches off her, friends who take advantage, and an ex who won’t leave her alone. When the opportunity to be matched with a feral warlord presents itself, it’s not the impossibly strong alien who draws her — it’s the thought of a new beginning.

Wrax’s time is running out, and only Cara stands a chance to save him … can she see past his gruff demeanor and the backwards Firosan customs long enough to be his salvation?


Desired by a Dragon: A Paranormal Shifter Romance (Exiled Dragons Book 3) by [J. Stone, Sarah]The last thing Barb expected was to fall in love. When a simple archaeological dig turns into a steamy night with a dragon shifter, she tells herself it’s just a fling. But when everything goes wrong, from stolen remains to fights with other shifters, she realizes there’s more to her feelings than she thought.

Can she overcome her own personal demons to be with the man she loves?


New Releases 2/1/17

Aris: A Paranormal Shifter Romance (Stratham Dragons Book 1) by [Stone, Sarah J.]Aris and his brothers have been sick their entire lives. Every day Aris comes closer to finding a cure. One day his visions show him that the key is a human woman in need of help. He must find her.

Sophie has spent the last seven years of her life locked away and abused by a man who promised to always take care of her. She’s nearly given up hope on ever getting free until she makes contact with the man of her dreams. Is he actually real or is she going crazy?

Can Aris save her from herself and help her heal before it’s too late for both of them?


The Blue Alien's Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Celestial Mates) by [Zenia, Zara]Are they meant to be mated?

Urie is a leader and general of the Ura-Than race. He has no time to find a mate to create an heir to replace him as leader one day.

Urie gets his friend Reli of the Celestial Mates agency to find him a mate. The only thing is that Reli’s agency uses some methods that probably would not be accepted in certain cultures, such as bidding.

Samantha was the one he lusted. She was just a human, but the most beautiful one he had ever seen. He needed to get her. At any cost. Urie knew he had to outbid the rest to get her.

Getting adjusted to her new life is hard for Samantha. Urie has to keep on planning how to defend his own people against the enemy, X, and he soon learns of a possible traitor amongst his own may even go all the way to the top of his most trusted generals and captains.

What will happen between these two mates? Is their fate sealed? Or will one of their needs have to give if push comes to shove?


Singe: BBW Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance (Dragonsworn Book 2) by [Lane, Cecilia]She’s destined for him… but will she betray everything he holds dear?

Dragon shifter and Dragonsworn guard Brody Carlisle is bound by blood and magic to protect the heir to the Dragon Throne. When the young child is abducted from her bedroom, Brody will stop at nothing to reunite her with her parents. His mission quickly gets messy when his connection to a rival group of dragon shifters turns out to be a tantalizingly curvy, gorgeous distraction…and his fated mate.

Marissa Gallo is one of the human children of the Gallo dragon clan. While her family plots to overthrow the current dragon dynasty, Marissa is happy to remain in her bakery and ignore the politics of her dragon kin. But there’s no remaining neutral when she’s called upon to help rescue a young child by a sexy, massive man ripped with muscle and fierce in his protection.

The heat between Brody and Marissa cannot be denied, but the brewing war between factions threatens to keep them apart. Can Brody count on Marissa to set aside her family and help rescue the heir from her abductors? Or will Marissa betray him and deliver the child directly to the enemy?


Submitting to the Incubus (The Children of Lilith Book 5) by [Devlin, Bliss]A deal with the devil…

Marissa Brandt hunts demons for a living—until a mission goes terribly wrong when her pyromancer abilities go berserk. Fearful that she’s becoming one of the monsters she’s been taught to hate, Marissa is desperate enough take the deal offered by Michael Amestra, the charismatic CEO of Archangel Security Networks. He promises to give her a new identity and teach her how to control her abilities. But there’s one big catch: Michael is an incubus, and her new life requires her to submit to his every desire.

A dangerous intimacy…

As an alpha male incubus, Michael requires a human companion like Marissa. But after the disastrous conclusion of his last relationship, falling in love is not on the agenda.

That’s what he tells himself … but the more time they spend together, the more the ice around his protector’s heart threatens to thaw and crack wide open.

A fateful decision…

Their business-only arrangement slowly becomes much more—until Marissa uncovers a shocking secret. While she wrestles with the pain of betrayal, all her doubts and fears about Michael find new strength.

Then her old hunting partner resurfaces, offering her a way back to her former life. Will Marissa return to the cold simplicity of vengeance…or gamble everything on the heart of a demon?


The Callaghan Clan Box Set: BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance by [Sinn, Ashlee]Come and meet the sexy Callaghan brothers!

Join Brandt (the reluctant alpha), Brennan (the hopeless romantic), and Bo (the womanizing playboy) as they search for love and happiness in Alaska. While they’ve stayed hidden for centuries, their world is about to change, and each brother will need the strength of a mate by his side to survive.

The box set includes: Obeying the Bear, Releasing the Bear, and Catching the Bear. If you love dominant grizzlies, alpha males, and shifter romances, this box set is the one you need.