New Releases 1/25/17

Caught by the Cougar (The Alaska Shifters Book 3) by [Sinn, Ashlee]Calvin Baptiste enjoys his solitary life. But now that he’s more involved with the shifter politics in Alaska, he’s trying to find a balance between his anonymity and his duties to his people. Buying a house in town and collaborating with the Callaghan Clan are just about all he can handle. Until he meets Trooper Lowe. There’s just something about the confident, strong, and bike-riding beauty that has his animal riled up and his human side wanting to spend more time with her.

Sutton Lowe has seen enough hate to last a lifetime. After a devastating experience as a Texas state trooper, Sutton decides it’s time for her to make a change and protect all types of life. Hired by the ISC to assist with shifter issues in Homer, she quickly finds herself wrapped up in their world—and falling in love with one particularly difficult cougar.

The shifters are still being hunted, only this time the enemy is unknown. The target on Calvin’s back grows with his fame and Sutton fears the worst when she gets a phone call from the grizzly clan. Now the shifters have to work together to fight this new threat and save those who have been captured—regardless of the political consequences.



Alien Portals: A SciFi Alien Multiverse Romance Novel by [Scott, Ruth Anne]The past has already been. Once it is gone, nothing can touch it. The future is yet to be. Until it happens, nothing can touch it. At least, that’s how it seems…


Once a moment has made its way into my past, I can no longer touch it. And the future is well beyond my grasp.

All I have is this moment. And this wall.

I feel drawn to it, my fingers tracing over the dark stone and mysterious, indecipherable words that were etched onto it thousands of years ago.

The researchers think they’ve figured out what the words say, but I know they’re wrong. The words keep changing and I’m the only one who can figure out why.

This isn’t the only mystery. I’m quickly discovering that this world is never as it seems. A strange man, who is equally as gorgeous as he is strange, has made himself known.

I know he notices me, but I have no idea why he’s here.


I’ve been watching the world around me end my whole life.

There’s very little left, but what is there, I know I’m the only one left who can save it.

Then, she appears. I haven’t seen a single living thing in this desert in years.

Who is she and what is she doing here?

She’s beautiful. And unusual. But I can’t focus on her right now. She pulls me in, but I can’t afford to turn my attention away from the mystery that surrounds me.

It’s up to me to protect this world, all that’s ever been and all there will ever be


Desired by Alpha Bear: A Paranormal Shifter Romance  (Shadow Claw Book 2) by [Stone, Sarah J.]Kevin senses a storm coming. With a new threat against shifters on the rise, the pack is strengthening its forces, and the lieutenant is extremely overworked. Or at least that’s the excuse he’s using for these strange bouts of weakness that are coming over him.

Nina, a prodigy witch, has the gift of prophecy. She is on the run, looking for the Council, and armed with knowledge that can either save or break the world of the others. With her trusty familiar by her side, Nina is still unaware of her true nature as she seeks out forces that have been a myth until now.

Coincidence is only an illusion, for when fate throws the fatally injured witch in Kevin’s path, his bear recognizes her for what she is: his mate. Teaching Nina how to trust him and love him will be one of the biggest challenges the bear shifter has ever faced, especially when the witch carries within herself a great power that she doesn’t even know how to harness yet.


Benzen: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Warriors of Orba Book 1) by [Zenia, Zara]Only one person can protect her, and that’s ME.

After escaping their home, six aliens, including Benzen, hope to find freedom on a different planet. They end up crashing onto a strange planet, a strange culture, and even stranger inhabitants.

They expected to learn some new things. However, one didn’t expect to find love.

The Orba warriors are on the run from their people, now that their once peace-loving planet has been taken over by a hostile dictator, Palzu. They find out that they ended up on Earth and meet a young woman named Allison who takes them under her wing.

When Palzu’s soldiers come after them, the group splits up and Benzen stays behind to protect Allison. But then he starts to develop feelings for her.

What will happen when he’s forced to show her what he truly is? Will she accept him or fear him? And will they be able to escape Palzu’s forces?


Rebel Unveiled: Aspen Valley Wolf Pack by [Monroe, Amber Ella]From the co-author of the bestselling Caedmon Wolves series comes a brand new wolf shifter paranormal romance set in the world of Aspen Valley. Rebel Unveiled is Raoulf’s story.

They say one way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but personal chef Nina Moore won’t realize how true that is until the handsome tattooed stranger who helped her out of a bind returns to her home night after night to taste test her best creations. She’s fully aware that he’s different, but there’s more to both sides of him than meets the eye. He’s scarred, dangerous, and sexy. Innocent attraction becomes full blown lust that neither of them can deny. When she finds out about his ulterior motives, she has to decide whether to trust him or send him on his way. He’s the only one that can help her quickly rectify the mess that led him to her in the first place. But how can she rely on her own judgment when all she wants to do is drag him from the dining room chair where she feeds him and onto the bed to have her way with?

Wolf shifter Raoulf Justice is a legendary bounty hunter and a purebred rebel. Those two personas don’t always mix, especially when it comes to following protocol. When he accepts a case that leads him straight to the doorstep of a woman who could possibly be his mate, he doesn’t hesitate when he makes the decision to guard her with his life. A woman he never knew existed could be his bounty as well as the suspect who his client is so hellbent on locating. His success rate is what makes him the most sought after bounty hunter in the country, but this time he’ll fail his mission. He won’t turn in the sexy chef who feeds his soul and quenches every hunger within him…he’ll keep her for himself. After all, no one should ever deny a man his favorite meal.



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