New Releases 12/28/16

Digging the Wolf: a paranormal romance (Werewolves of Crookshollow Book 1) by [Holmes, Steffanie]Sink your teeth into the hot new werewolf paranormal romance from USA Today bestselling author, Steffanie Holmes!


It’s been five months since my boyfriend was tragically killed in a climbing accident. I didn’t think I was over him … until Luke walked on to the archaeological site.

Tall, dark, sexy, tattooed, funny, dangerous. Everything I want in a man.

But he’s hiding something. He acts strangely in the moonlight. He won’t tell me anything about his life. And I caught him trying to destroy an important find.

My body aches for him, but my heart tells me I’m not ready to make myself vulnerable again, especially not for a guy who isn’t being straight with me.

If only …


Anna Sinclair – archaeologist, geek girl, totally and utterly delectable.

I knew from the moment her intoxicating scent wafted across my wolf senses, she’s meant to be mine.

And that knowledge is terrifying.

The last thing I expected was to find my fated mate on an archaeological site. Whenever I’m near her, all I want to do is claim her.

But she’s broken. The last thing she needs in her life is a werewolf out for revenge. I’m here to destroy the site, to keep my family’s past buried forever.

If Anna finds out the truth, she’d never speak to me again.

But I can’t deny the bond between us. I’ll do anything to make her mine.

Zovak: Worldwalker Barbarians: Sci-Fi Alien Shifter Romance by [Chase, Leslie, Wells, Juno]Emily Jackson’s life wasn’t going well, and that was before the teleporter accident. Being a test subject for the experiment was meant to be a way to make some desperately-needed money, but instead of sending her across the room it catapulted her across the stars.Zovak, wolf-shifter and greatest warrior of his Clan, is too busy to worry about finding a mate. His Clan is under attack from their rivals the Fire Wolves, and he is needed to lead them. But when he sees the curvy human woman under attack by enemy shifters, there’s no doubt in his mind. This strange woman from another world will be his, no matter what he has to do to protect her.

Stranded in a desert under the light off two suns, all Emily wants is to find a way home. At least that’s what she tells herself, but the sexy blue-skinned alien warrior who found her has other ideas… and after the way his touch makes her feel, she has to admit she’s tempted to stay.

If she’s going to leave, she’ll have to go back through Fire Wolf territory – and Zovak will have to sacrifice himself and his happiness to send her home.


Snow Bear: Shifters of Pinehaven Valley Book 1 by [Hearth, Thanika]When a snowstorm keeps busy schoolteacher Eva from making it home for Christmas, she is forced to changed her plans.

At first the big, cosy farmhouse she takes shelter in seems too good to be true, with its jaw-droppingly gorgeous host and his mouthwatering festive treats.

But when they soon realise that they met in high school ten years ago — and had a HUGE falling out — soon the atmosphere indoors is just as chilly as it is outside in the blizzard!

Will they seethe while the storm outside rages, or will some holiday miracle rekindle some other fiery feelings they had all that time ago? And what happens when a dangerous ex rears his ugly head?

*Snow Bear is a sweet, STEAMY, short book featuring a second chance at romance for two people who have tried to forget about each other… but failed miserably! A standalone novel with HEA set in Pinehaven Valley, Snow Bear is the first in a new series.*


Smoulder: BBW Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance (Dragonsworn Book 1) by [Lane, Cecilia]Fated for love… or fated to fight?

Dragon shifter Rafael Hart, one of three elite Dragonsworn guards, will not accept failure. He must protect the royal family from any and all threats, including their ancient enemy: dragon slayers. When one infiltrates their lair, it’s his job to destroy the threat even if her scent is as enticing as her lush curves.

Lola Moreau hails from a line of dragon slayers, but her quiet life producing weapons for the cause is thrown into disarray with the threat of an arranged marriage. Seeking to prove her new weapons are too valuable to discontinue her work, Lola sneaks into dragon territory to test them. Her mission goes spectacularly wrong when she’s captured by an irresistible foe.

Despite her upbringing, Lola can’t help warming to the sexy dragon who keeps her close. The heat between them is undeniable and makes her question everything she thinks she knows about shifters.

When an old threat returns to wreak havoc, Rafe must determine if Lola is behind the latest attacks. And if she can be trusted, which way will she turn when she’s caught between the man she’s grown to love and the family that wants to destroy him?


Ignite: A Werebear + BBW Paranormal Romance (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 3) by [Sexton, Ophelia]Bear shifter Evan Swanson loves curvy women…but not commitment. When he rescues a woman and her infant niece from a hotel fire, he’s shocked to realize she’s his fated mate. Not only is she his bear’s wet dream, she’s the first woman who’s ever turned him down for a date.

Steffi Tristan has been caring for baby Olivia since her sister and brother-in-law disappeared. When her niece turns into a bear cub before her eyes, Steffi knows it’s time to get help. Evan’s the most attractive man she’s ever met, but Steffi’s spent a lifetime in her beautiful sister’s shadow. A man like him couldn’t really want her.

When a sinister organization bent on abducting little Olivia follows Steffi to Bearpaw Ridge, Evan vows to protect them both. But can he neutralize the danger, persuade Steffi that he’s serious, and settle down happily with just one woman?

IGNITE is a full-length steamy romance novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ending.


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