Celestial Mates!

Today Sharebear is being taken over by ALIENS!

All of these books are part of the best selling Celestial Mates Series.

Grab a couple today!

Don’t worry we’ll be back to shifter goodness next week!

Wrong Place, Right Mate (Celestial Mates) by [Tunstall, Kit, Skye, Aurelia]Celestial Mates—Romancing the Galaxy…

Dr. Ellie Wright worked hard to be one of the first exo-geologists in space. It’s too bad her employer cuts corners and has constant problems. When she’s given the wrong data for a planet assessment, she ends up on the wrong planet and in the middle of a man…er…alien-hunt for Aladrina, a Sibian crime lord. Zyan, the tracker hunting the fugitive, is a gorgeous hunk, sweeping Ellie off her feet and into an intergalactic adventure. With someone at the Celestial Mates Agency watching over them, their HEA is guaranteed, even if the route there is a bit bumpy.


Alien Conquest: A Science Fiction Romance (Celestial Mates) by [Lace, Lisa]
Are they fated to be together, or are the stars against them?Beth has had enough of men since her lying ex cheated on her. Human men, anyway. But when she has a chance to meet her longtime crush, star paraball player Odin, she spoils it with an inadvertent faux pas. Distraught at ruining her big chance but still eager for a family of her own, she signs up with Celestial Mates.

Odin’s being threatened by an ex who wants him back. He needs a wife, preferably yesterday. Celestial Mates is the fastest way to find one. The last thing he expects is for Celestial Mates to match him with the human woman he saw after a paraball game…the one he’s been thinking about ever since.

It doesn’t take Odin long to fall for his bride-to-be. But things get complicated when his habit of using disguises to protect his privacy leaves Beth believing that she’s fallen in love with someone else, not the sexy alien she’s about to marry. Can Odin fix things in time, or will his marriage be over before it starts?

Alien Conquest is part of the Celestial Mates series and a STAND-ALONE, full-length science fiction romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed!


Raelor: Trekkers (A SciFi Alien Human Military Romance)(Celestial Mates) by [Wolf, Terra, Wells, Juno]When Marci’s therapist gets involved in her love life, she’s suddenly matched with a seven foot tall alien from another planet.

But really W. T. F.

Marci’s life is boring. She’s working a dead end job, sipping wine from the bottle on Friday nights, but she hasn’t become a cat lady. Yet. She needs a change, and she knows it, what she doesn’t know is her therapist just set her up with the AEP, Alien Exchange Program, and it’s most interesting office, the Celestial Mates Dating Agency. It’s all crazy of course, until it works.

Raelor has been living the life of a Trekker, moving around the galaxies as a pilot, fighting for the good guys. But his father has sent him on a new mission. Go to Earth and gather intel, and oh yeah, don’t fall in love with the cute hostess you’re living with.

When Marci’s life is threatened Raelor must take action. She might be his mate after all.

Raelor is part of the Celestial Mates series and a STAND-ALONE, super hot alien science fiction romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed!


Stars Apart: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Celestial Mates) by [Novak, Trina]They’re stars apart, and it’ll take a risk as big as the solar system to bring them together…

The Moment Cassandra saw Zarak, projected via hologram from a million miles away, she knew he was the one. She’d met four other potential matches with the Celestial Mates matchmaking agency, and they’d all been wrong for her. But Zarak — he was perfect.

There was only one problem: He wasn’t the man Celestial Mates had chosen for her. Instead, she’d been matched with Rollox, the Overlord of Zarak’s planet, and one of the most vile, despicable men in the universe.

What’s a lovesick and Earthbound single girl to do?

There’s only one solution, and it’s a dangerous one. Cassandra has to agree to meet an evil galactic dictator who wants her to have his babies — all for the chance to share a few secret, stolen moments with the gorgeous alien of her dreams.

Her Celestial Mates matchmaker may have gotten it wrong, but Cassandra knows she’s found Mr. Right. And she’s willing risk anything to feel his arms around her.

Stars Apart is a standalone book in the Celestial Mates shared sci-fi world. This sci-fi romance features a scorching hot and hopelessly romantic alien, a secret love affair, action and danger, NO CLIFFHANGERS, and a well-deserved HEA.


Triad In The Stars: Sci-Fi MFM Menage Romance (Celestial Mates) by [Voxley, Vi]What’s better than finding the man of your dreams in the stars? Finding two, obviously.

How many broken hearts does a woman have to suffer through? Chloe knows she’s done with all of that. From now on, it’s going to be nothing, or love everlasting. No inbetweens. But… as a curvy lawyer in New York, where talk is cheap and love is cheaper, how’s she supposed to find that? Thank the stars that there’s a service for that…

Elias and Vanor both have ‘king’ written all over them. King of the Haverins, that is. The two warriors, decorated and admired, have been bred and groomed to take over the desired throne. The only thing both of them want with more passion is to see the other dead through their own sword. So when a woman that can only be the mate of both of them shows up right in the middle of their duel to the death, things are bound to get a hell of a lot more complicated.

Travelling through space and time because of an alien matchmaking service seems like the least of Chloe’s problems when she’s faced with two excruciatingly hot men, who hate one another with almost as much passion as they love her. But maybe there’s a way to right all the wrongs… Maybe she can have her cake and eat it too.

Triad In The Stars is apart of the Celestial Mates series but should be read as a standalone! This book features two hot Alpha aliens who know exactly what’s right for everyone… except for maybe themselves. Find out how the right woman can make everything better in this scorching hot and action filled novella!


Not So Little Green Man (Scifi Alien Romance) (Celestial Mates) by [Kyle, Celia]What’s a big, bad (sometimes green) alien to do when he wants a mate who isn’t motivated by greed? Contact Celestial Mates. After all, their business is romancing the galaxy.

Since she’s creeping up on the age of bearing service, the Earth government wants Jassa to have a baby and then hand it off for a family to raise, but Jassa wants her own family. Which means calling Celestial Mates. One questionnaire, a bit of blood, and a race to get away from the Department of Population, and she’s got her wish—tall, sexy as hell, and occasionally green alien Vroe, the High Warlord of Vialea.

Vroe aches for a mate who doesn’t see him as just a rise in status. He wishes for warmth and affection and goes to Celestial Mates to find… Jassa Marizen. Yet his ideas about mating—Jassa mating him and forever being known as only Vrya—collide with hers. She doesn’t want to lose her past. He wants her to embrace her future.

And then there’s this other woman… She just wants Vroe to herself.

Part of the CELESTIAL MATES shared scifi world-o-awesome!


The Million Miles High Club (Scifi Alien Romance) (Celestial Mates) by [Selborne, Suki]KALIA: I’m an independent career woman. I fight the bad guys myself, and I fly my own ship. The last thing I have time for is a man. So when the Celestial Mates cherub tells me I’m next on the list for a mate? I laugh.

But then I see him. Seven feet of alien muscle, a face like a movie star and a tongue that could drive a girl wild.

I can’t stop staring at the eye candy, but that’s all he can ever be. Humans don’t date Yolcadians. And I’ll be lucky if I even get off this alien ship alive.

SCORVAN: Yolcadian soldiers swear an oath to stay single. So when the captivating human with the black hair crash-lands on my ship, I know I should keep away.

The problem is, I never was very good at following orders.

I’m going to save this beautiful female. And I’m going to make her mine. Even if I have to battle everyone in the galaxy to get to her.

THE MILLION MILES HIGH CLUB is a standalone book set in the Celestial Mates shared world. It contains thrills and spills, steamy love scenes, a guaranteed HEA and absolutely no cheating!


Out of this World: Sci-fi Alien Dragon Shifter Romance (Celestial Mates) by [Malloy, Shea]My name is Rosie Fry and I don’t believe in true love. In fact, anyone who believes in it oughta get a laser shot to the groin.

So when some green-headed demon pixie from the Celestial Mates dating agency tries to sell me on this crap about ‘fated mates’, I laugh. Uh, no thanks, lady. Especially not when my fated mate is an arrogant alien dragon shifter and at the top of my shit list.

I don’t give a damn if he’s as hot as the sun’s core, or that his amber eyes of liquid fire makes me melt every time he looks my way, or even that his sizzling touch rockets me outta this world.

I may be trapped on an alien planet with him as my only companion but I will not give in.

I will not fall in love with him.


Ribbed For Her Pleasure: Scifi Alien Dragon Romance (Celestial Mates) by [Martin, Miranda]#celestialmatesappchallenge

1. Download app

2. Get matched with a melting hot alien

3. Post results online

It’s supposed to be a joke. Everything is all fun and games until introverted Jenna, professional YouTuber, accepts the challenge. As soon as she downloads the app she’s whisked away from her life and cat, stuck on an inhospitable alien planet.

Biast is a seven foot tall, ripped Zmaj complete with wings and a tail. All his friends have found their treasures, the mates they will spend their lives with but Biast is still alone. A meddling cherub strands him on a strange planet with an exotic, sexy human female who’s soft and curvy.

Can something as outrageous as time travelling, intergalactic matchmaking really bring two totally different species together?

Ribbed for Her Pleasure is part of the Celestial Mates series but should be read as a standalone! You’ll recognize the hot alien-dragon from The Red Planet Dragons of Tajssseries. This quick and dirty novella proves love does conquer all.



The Blue Alien's Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Celestial Mates) by [Zenia, Zara]Are they meant to be mated?

Urie is a leader and general of the Ura-Than race. He has no time to find a mate to create an heir to replace him as leader one day.

Urie gets his friend Reli of the Celestial Mates agency to find him a mate. The only thing is that Reli’s agency uses some methods that probably would not be accepted in certain cultures, such as bidding.

Samantha was the one he lusted. She was just a human, but the most beautiful one he had ever seen. He needed to get her. At any cost. Urie knew he had to outbid the rest to get her.

Getting adjusted to her new life is hard for Samantha. Urie has to keep on planning how to defend his own people against the enemy, X, and he soon learns of a possible traitor amongst his own may even go all the way to the top of his most trusted generals and captains.

What will happen between these two mates? Is their fate sealed? Or will one of their needs have to give if push comes to shove?

The Blue Alien’s Mate is part of the Celestial Mates series and is a standalone, full-length science fiction romance novel. There are NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!


Mate For The Feral Barbarians (Celestial Mates) by [Grove, Scarlett]Can their wild passions win her heart?

After the world’s worst date, Kimmy Simms is ready to try anything — even an online quiz about her perfect match. When two cupids materialize out of thin air to give her the results, and then poof her into another dimension, Kimmy’s sure she’s dreaming!

The huge blue barbarians who greet her, however, feel very real. Their enemy has poisoned most of the women and twins need to mate with her … but since they are enormous panther shifters and she is but a tiny human, she must choose between them.

Vock and Konko then compete win her over, each seeking to outdo the other in deeds of sensual pleasure. But contrary to their instructions, Kimmy has fallen for both her extraordinary lovers. Can they escape an enemy attack and complete their ancient ritual, so that both of them can claim her? Or will she be forced to deny one of her would-be mates?

Mate For The Fear Barbarians is a full-length, smoking hot, five-alarm fire of alien shifter lovin’! Scorching satisfaction and the naughtiest of happy endings guaranteed.



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