New Releases 11/16/16


Shift: A Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance by [Summers, Ally, Wolf, Terra]Loyalties are tested, a war is upon them, and love knows no bounds.

Case Maddox has finally found his mate.

But the shifter war keeps brewing.

Can he save his Tribe, and the woman he loves?

Cadence is trying to find her place as a human in a world of shifters and as the mate of the jaguar king, but she’s struggling. One night her world comes crashing down around her and she has to decide if she can even go on.

Captured and held hostage. The only way for Cadence to survive may be to pledge herself to Case’s ultimate rival.

But Cadence has a secret that may be the key to her survival.

STANDALONE with NO Cliffhanger



Paax: Warlord Brides (Warriors of Sangrin Book 1) by [Cummings, Nancey, Huntress, Starr]Paax never wanted to be matched to a mate.

The situation in his clan was dangerous for a hardened warrior, let alone a soft Human femalewithout fangs or claws to defend herself. Sending her back to Earth was the only way to keep her safe. However, the moment the curvaceous woman stepped off the transporter, his tattoo burned with a passionate intensity he’d never experienced before. Paax knew he would do anything to protect her, to claim her, even challenge the clan’s violent Warlord.

No force in the universe would take his mate from him.

Matched to an alien warrior in the Draft, Mercy swore she’d do whatever it took to get out of the marriage contract. She liked her life on Earth and her independence. No one would take it away, not even the ridiculously hot warrior who demanded she call him husband.

Why is being claimed by the horned muscular alien the only thing she can think about?

She didn’t want to stay, did she?


Senseless Fate (Cascade Storms Book 2) by [Ryann, Claire]They both have secrets but that can’t stop them from giving in to their need for each other.

When Lowell gets separated from his team during the fight to save his Alpha’s mate, he finds himself nursing a few wounds. The mild concussion and broken nose are mere nuisances that will heal soon enough, but in the meantime his sense of direction isn’t what it should be.

Kara is hoping to make it through the mountains without making an impression on anyone. She can’t afford to be remembered by anyone who might put two and two together when they see her on the news. She knows it’s a bad idea to let the handsome stranger tag along with her but he’s clearly injured and needs her help.

Against her better judgment, she can’t help opening up to the sexy hitch hiker, sharing her secrets with him as well as her body.

Lowell’s wolf is begging to reveal itself to the haunted and beautiful Kara but that’s not a risk Lowell can afford for a woman who’s destined to be nothing more than a one night stand.

When Kara’s demons catch up to her the pack finds itself fighting to save more than just than just their brother’s human mate as they try to prevent getting dragged into a scandal that could destroy them all.


Bear's Baby Blues: BBW Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance (Fated Hearts Club Book 2) by [Lane, Cecilia]How does a bad-boy billionaire bear woo a woman who’s been burned one time too many?

Playboy billionaire and bear shifter Carson Medved is a frequent visitor to the Fated Hearts Club, but he’s not looking for a mate. He’s got a reputation for loving and losing a regular stream of female companions. However, with his sister getting married and her new in-laws unhappy about his exploits, Carson needs to cool things down in the public eye.

Curvy blonde Alison Ann Gibbs is a marketing and PR specialist who’s left behind a life shattered by a man’s lies and deceptions. She’s drawn to Carson when she meets him at the Fated Hearts Club, but is wary of trusting again. Then Carson hires her to help manage his public image, and the attraction between them grows ever stronger.

Carson can no longer deny what he knows is true: Alison is his mate. She’s still fighting her feelings, because his past won’t stop intruding. The final straw comes when someone leaves a baby boy on his doorstep, with a note saying the child is his son. Can Carson overcome Alison’s doubts and prove to her that he’s worthy of her trust?

Bear’s Baby Blues is a standalone story set in the Fated Hearts Club world. Expect sexy, shape shifting heroes and curvy beauties, with a dash of complications along the way.



SHIFTER: Polar Bear, Part One: BBW Paranormal Romance (Shifter - Polar Bear Book 1) by [Wright, Emerald]PART ONE OF TWO!!! Cliffhanger… 

HIM: I’m focused on two things; completing my degree & swimming. Until I meet her. But can she accept that I’m a shapeshifter? A polar bear?

HER: I’m practically a born-again virgin, I’m so focused on my studies. Until I meet him, when he comes to my rescue at a frat party. I feel out of place at the sunny, SoCal university I’m at, a plus-sized, red-headed woman amongst a sea of tall, thin blondes. Is it possible he’s attracted to me too?


Ben is Ivy League bound. Focused on his schoolwork and swim-team scholarship, he’s ambitious and won’t allow anything or anyone, get in the way of his life goals.

Amber is used to being the awkward best friend. Curvy and fair-headed, fair-skinned – she doesn’t fit in with most of the students at the sunny California university she attends.

When Ben comes to Amber’s rescue, he’s not prepared for the strong attraction and draw to the sweet, curvy woman. His bear is all about it, but he has to play it right so he can enjoy their time together without his coach getting on his case.


Dirty Game: A Secret Baby Sports Romance by [Paige, Violet]I don’t give second chances.

I loved her once.
But not anymore.
Now I love the sound of girls screaming my name. On the field, and in my bed.
There’s nothing she can say that would change the past.
But she’s back. And payback is a b*tch.
Two can play at this game. Except I play to win.

I was never supposed to come back.
But circumstances change, wounds heal, and time moves on.
Except some things never change.
Like how I feel for Blake.
Or the secret that I’ve been keeping from him.

Dirty Game is a full length STANDALONE secret baby sports romance. You’ll need a fan and a drink when you finish this read!



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