New Release 9/8/16


Aevar: Trekkers (A SciFi Alien Human Military Romance) by [Wolf, Terra, Wells, Juno]Aevar has to prove himself.

As the new leader of the Trekkers, he’s finding it difficult to live up to the position. When Jubar, a small planet, calls for aid, this is his opportunity to show his team he’s fit to lead.

But when he arrives, there’s a lot more going on than he bargained for.
Their Chancellor is dead and their new leader is a beautiful human girl who makes his heart feel things he didn’t know were possible.
But she and her group are prey, and the predator hunting them is still on the loose.

Ivy’s life was simple.

Jubar was her home. She had a job, a family, a purpose.
But now? There is nothing left.

Her childhood home burned to the ground, her family missing, and she is left caring for the remaining people. But finally, the Galatic Alliance has arrived. And they’re going to keep them safe.

Until they can’t. The monsters who kidnapped her people have returned, and they’re looking for revenge.

Together Aevar and Ivy must find out who this new species of monster is that are preying on her people, but first they’re going to have to make sure they can survive the night.
Presenting the Trekkers, a standalone series from Amazon Bestselling Authors Terra Wolf and Juno Wells. All stories end with a HEA and no cliffhanger!
Including Harrison: Undercover Bear, a bestselling shifter romance story from Terra Wolf, for a limited time!


Burning for the Dragon: BBW Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance (Fated Hearts Club Book 1) by [Lane, Cecilia]Has fate given them everything only to cheat them of their happy ending?

A reluctant ruler…
When his brother is killed by a dragon slayer, Luca de Rege becomes the unexpected heir to the Dragon Throne. Used to answering only to himself, he’s now responsible for finding a mate and ensuring that the rapidly-dwindling dragon shifter population doesn’t go extinct. He doesn’t have high hopes for his visit to the Fated Hearts Club… until he spots the curvy temptation sitting at the bar.

A woman alone…
After a shattering betrayal, Penelope Minett has given up on love. Though a friend talks her into attending an event at the Fated Hearts Club, she’s resigned to a life of solitude. The last thing she expects is for an impossibly sexy, irresistibly charming billionaire to sweep her off her feet.

A desperate attack…
Just as her defenses start to melt in response to his fiery desire, a threat from Luca’s past takes aim at the throne by targeting Penelope. He’ll stop at nothing to rescue her and claim his mate — but will he be in time to stop a cruel, relentless enemy from destroying their future?



Alien Rogue's Price: Alpha Alien Romance (Alpha Aliens of Fremm Book 4) by [Cummings, Nancey]Everything has a price.

The question is, are you willing to pay it? I’m not pretending to be good or honest. I’m a businessman and those who call me a pirate don’t get a chance to say it twice.

I have a stowaway on my ship. Meyet. Everything in my body cries out for the soft human woman:her curves, those lips, bright eyes, and the way she smiles at me. Is Meyet my fated mate? Does it matter when we argue constantly? Who is she to question how I run my ship? But I know I would be empty without her wicked smile and sharp tongue.
The problem is, she’s running from two very dangerous men. Can I be the male she deserves and defend her? Will I fight for what is mine?

Am I willing to pay the price to keep her?

Standalone novel. Happy ending. No cheating. No cliffhangers.


The Nox Series: A Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance by [Summers, Ally]A LIMITED TIME Boxset featuring the entire Nox Series. Now you can read all three full-length novels at one low price!

Choices should come easily to a queen.

Especially the queen of panther shifters. But Dare, leader of the Nox, faces the most difficult decisions of her life as she struggles to keep her freedom and keep the Nox safe.

Destined to marry when she turns twenty-two and give up the magic that is her birthright, Dare fights back, determined to change the course of history. Only along the way she falls for a human who forces her to face the reality that there are some things she can’t resist.

Zac Morgan has crossed the globe hoping to find comfort after a tragic loss has left him empty. He hopes Sullen’s Grove will give him peace and just a little taste of home. Even though he’s worked hard to keep his heart protected, he can’t stop the attraction he feels for the mysterious green-eyed college girl Dare.

When Zac is thrust into the middle of a dangerous shifter war, Dare may be the only one who can save him. Sometimes the choices we make are the ones we least expect.

Dare was ready to walk away from being a queen, and ride off into the sunset with Zac. But now he’s missing and she has no idea where to start looking for the love of her life.

In order to get him back she’s going to have to work with the rival jaguar shifters who have been targeting and torturing the Nox for months. And that includes her fated mate, Case.

With so much at stake she’s willing to try anything to save Zac. Even if that means letting Case back into her life and maybe her heart.

Zac is desperate to escape and find his way back to Dare, while Case is willing to prove whatever he has to that he is the mate Dare needs.

As the danger grows, Dare learns evil isn’t what you always think it is. And maybe there’s no way to outrun destiny and fate, even when love is involved.

Time is running out. For Dare. For Case. For Zac.

The Nox and the Tribe must unite if they are going to stop the shifter council from controlling their lives. Only, working together brings Dare closer to Case, her fated mate, and that’s the last place she wants to be.

While Zac fights to return home to the woman he loves, the queen of the panthers fights her own battle alongside the jaguar king.

Sparks fly. Bonds strengthen. Instinct intensifies. And the definition of true love is tested beyond measure.




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