New Releases 8.10.16


Nash: Trekkers (A SciFi Alien Human Military Romance) by [Wolf, Terra, Wells, Juno]A Trekker always completes his mission.

Since Nash joined the Galatic Alliance as a Trekker his life has purpose. His latest mission? Retrieve a microchip with sensitive information on it.

Only, there’s an obstacle.

The microchip is embedded in the body of a slave. A human one. Who also happens to be beautiful and the woman of his dreams.

Now Nash has to decide how to get the microchip, complete the mission, and save the girl.

Ellora’s life used to be perfect.

Living on a small human colony in the outer rim was a good life until the plague wiped out her entire planet.

As the only survivor, she was sold into slavery and spent years serving others. She wants out of her dismal existence. But slaves can never escape.

But when she meets a Trekker from the Galatic Alliance, suddenly she has hope.

The two must figure out the connection between the microchip and the plague or they could lose everything. Including each other.

Presenting the Trekkers, a standalone series from Amazon Bestselling Authors Terra Wolf and Juno Wells. All stories end with a HEA and no cliffhanger!


Lion for Convenience: BBW Lion Shifter Paranormal Romance (Carver City Shifters Book 3) by [Valentine, Lyra]Hazel, one half of the Medina lioness twins, is adjusting to life outside of the hunters’ grasp. That is, until she receives a desperate message from her sister Rowan, still held captive by the group known as the Protectors. Rowan will be freed, but only if Hazel passes along information on the comings and goings of the Medina pride.

When Hazel makes the call home, she learns her parents can’t stomach the idea of their daughter reentering high society with a fatherless child on her hip. She’ll be welcomed home and have her child provided for, but only if she brings a father to her son with her.

Enter Cenek Cipris, warlock extraordinaire. Cenek has it bad for the lioness he rescued from some real nasty monsters, and would do anything to help the raven-haired beauty. Tall and dark, with an even darker past and a quick temper, he jumps at the chance to atone for his crimes and put himself closer to the curvy temptress.

Fiercely independent Hazel finds herself drawn to the irascible warlock, while her inner lioness desires nothing more than to mark the man as their mate. But Hazel can’t be sure that he feels the same, or if he’s just taking advantage of their pretend relationship.

With hunters on her tail and betrayal in her bones, will Hazel risk her family, wealth, and security for the man who makes her want to do more than pretend?


Benzen: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Warriors of Orba Book 1) by [Zenia, Zara]Only one person can protect her, and that’s ME.

After escaping their home, six aliens, including Benzen, hope to find freedom on a different planet. They end up crashing onto a strange planet, a strange culture, and even stranger inhabitants.

They expected to learn some new things. However, one didn’t expect to find love.

The Orba warriors are on the run from their people, now that their once peace-loving planet has been taken over by a hostile dictator, Palzu. They find out that they ended up on Earth and meet a young woman named Allison who takes them under her wing.

When Palzu’s soldiers come after them, the group splits up and Benzen stays behind to protect Allison. But then he starts to develop feelings for her.

What will happen when he’s forced to show her what he truly is? Will she accept him or fear him? And will they be able to escape Palzu’s forces?
Benzen is the first book in the Warriors of Orba series, following the Orba warriors and the human women that love them. Each book in this page-turning science fiction series can be read as standalones, there are NO cliffhangers, and a GUARANTEED happily ever after!


Bear Again: BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter (Second Chance Shifters) by [Clarke, Meredith, Summers, Ally]Liam Grayson is his clan’s new alpha after the death of his best friend. He’s devastated, but he knows the clan needs a leader to move on.

Sophia Withers is trying to move on after the death of her mate. Only, she didn’t realize when she pledged to be his mate, she had also pledged herself to his clan. The future of the clan rests on her returning to her rightful position within the clan, or everything could be lost.

When Liam shows up after the clan’s two-year mourning period ends to take Sophia as his mate, she refuses to even speak to the notorious sexy playboy. She isn’t interested in another broken heart. Although, she doesn’t know Liam has been in love with her for years. To him, this isn’t about clan duty–this has always been about Sophia.

Bear Again is a STANDALONE in the Second Chance Shifter Series. It contains a broken heart, clan law, and so much heat you’ll need to turn on a fan.



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