New Releases 7/27/16

Heat: A Werebear + BBW Paranormal Romance (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 1) by [Sexton, Ophelia]When pastry chef Annabeth Jones goes on the run from her abusive fiance, the small town of Bearpaw Ridge offers her a safe haven. Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, with friendly neighbors and a bakery/cafe that needs a new owner, it’s the perfect place for her to start over.

Firefighter and bear shifter Dane Swanson knows at once that kind, curvy Annabeth is his fated mate. She’s also human, in a world where shifters must keep their existence secret. Annabeth has no idea that Bearpaw Ridge’s population is more shifter than human … but if they’re to be mated, Dane will have to find a way to tell her everything.

Wary of new relationships, Annabeth can’t help warming to the strong, handsome man who can’t get enough of her cinnamon rolls … or her. But her fragile hopes are shattered when her ex tracks her down, determined to reclaim her.

Dane is equally determined to protect his mate — but will Annabeth still accept him when he reveals the other side of his nature?

Heat is a novel-length steamy standalone paranormal romance with no cliffhangers.


Angel: Rochon Bears by [North, Moxie]It’s one thing to find your dream. But what do you do when it changes?
A bear eager to leave the woods …

Unlike most of his family, Angel Rochon doesn’t want forestry to be his life. His real love is music. All he has to do is reach out and take hold of his dream … until the night he meets a sexy older woman at a local bar.

Becca isn’t just hot — she’s everything. Angel knows what he wants — but convincing her he’s serious is a challenge.

A woman waiting for King Charming …

Becca Kelly wants a man, not a boy. Someone who’s worked through all his youthful issues and has his act together.

Angel Rochon is impossibly sexy. Wanting him is easy … but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to be someone’s life partner.

A time to choose …

Can Angel and Becca let go of the dreams that have shaped their lives and embrace a new one together? Or are their differences too great to overcome?


Guardian Bears: Karl by [Chase, Leslie]She’s destined to be his … but is he destined to destroy her?

A dangerous hunt …

Polar bear shifter Karl Werner is on the trail of a “werewolf” — a wolf shifter who’s lost control of their animal. Since shifters who reach that point can’t be rehabilitated, his grim task is to execute whoever it is before they can expose shifters’ existence to the wider world.

The job takes him to Mayfair, a town on the edge of the desert. The climate makes his bear miserable … but when he finds his fated mate, it generates a whole different kind of heat. If only the curvy, green-eyed brunette weren’t so standoffish.

A terrifying suspicion …

Allison Lewis has never responded to a man the way she does to Karl. The ex-Special Forces man is huge and muscled and fills her with longing — but the reason why he’s come to Mayfair chills her to the bone.

The nightmares she’s been having all point to one horrifying conclusion: that she’s the “monster” he’s hunting. How can she trust the man who’s been sent to kill her … let alone give in to the fire between them?

An agonizing dilemma

When Karl realizes the truth, Allison runs away — but she’s got human hunters after her. Karl has to find her before they do, and then accomplish what’s never been done: teach an out-of-control shifter how to unite with her wolf. Can he pull off the impossible … or will he be forced to destroy his mate?

***Guardian Bears: Karl is a steamy standalone, full-length bear shifter romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhangers.***


Shadow Bear (Reserve Park Bears Book 1) by [Hunt, Ava]

Jeneva Markham, part of the Bear Council, has just learned she is unfit to have cubs for the clan. Armed with this knowledge, she plans to join a convent.

Rayner Garcia is Jeneva’s brother’s right hand man and crucial to the Bear Council. When he hears Jeneva’s plan, he realizes how much he wants her as his own.

With all the roadblocks in their way, will Jeneva and Rayner finally come to an understanding that will keep Jeneva part of the Reserve Park Bear Council? And more importantly, will they find their happily ever after?



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