New Releases 7/13/16

Sometimes the one you need is right in front of you.

Bear shifter Marco Santiago has always tried to keep his emotions separate from his job at the Portland Police Department. With almost everyone in his unit seeming to have found their mates, Marco starts to feel like he is the third wheel.

Bree Evans has always relied on her sister. But when she doesn’t hear from her for several weeks, she knows something is wrong. They’ve always been close, why the sudden silence?

Marco and Bree are thrown together on a wild goose chase, with the same goal, find Amanda Evans. But the path is dark and the nights are long. Who will they turn to when they both realize they have no one else?

STANDALONE Shifter Romance with a HEA!


Time is running out. For Dare. For Case. For Zac.

The Nox and the Tribe must unite if they are going to stop the shifter council from controlling their lives. Only, working together brings Dare closer to Case, her fated mate, and that’s the last place she wants to be. 

While Zac fights to return home to the woman he loves, the queen of the panthers fights her own battle alongside the jaguar king.

Sparks fly. Bonds strengthen. Instinct intensifies. And the definition of true love is tested beyond measure.

Full length novel!



On the run for a year after her whole unicorn shifter family was massacred, Samantha had found safety and comfort working for elderly shop owner Frank. But when he is murdered by the same people who killed her family, Samantha is on the run again.

But Frank had been more than he appeared, and with his direction, she finds safety once more, but not for long. With help from unexpected places—including ancient lore, Frank’s family, some family heirlooms, and sexy lion shifter Leo—Samantha discovers that there is more to her family’s deaths than had originally appeared. Thrust into a destiny she doesn’t want, Samantha and Leo fight for their lives and the survival of shifters everywhere.


An island to himself, will loner bear-shifter Ryker open his heart to a woman on the run from her abusive spouse?

A loner by nature, Ryker needs a day to himself to allow his inner bear out. So, he hikes up to Emerald Lake.

Charlene never meant to be in trouble, but for whatever reason, trouble has a bad habit of finding her. She’s running from a monster. A monster who has made a habit of beating her nearly every week since they got married and she’s had enough. She’s on the run and leaving her soon to be ex-husband behind. For good.

Will they be able to overcome their challenges and embrace the love that’s destined to be theirs?



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