New Releases 7/6/16


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Two secret babies. One shifter father. One human mother. One almighty mess.

When ex-Special Forces soldier Jake Flint spots a child who is the exact double of his own son, he knows it can’t be a coincidence. No doubt. No arguments. The child is his.

Sally Elliot is raising her bear-shifter son in secret. His father is dead and she has to keep her son safe. When a ghost from her past walks back into her life, it takes all her resolve to keep from falling for him again. When he shows her a photograph of his son, her world flies apart.

Unwilling to rekindle their passion, Jake and Sally are thrown together to protect the two boys from an evil that will wreck their young lives.

But even behind the security of Drifa Castle, they are not safe.

From each other.

From the shifter who wants what he believes belongs to him.

Taking on their tormentor will be the only way to safeguard all they love.


The grizzly bear shifters in Timber Falls are bad news…
As alpha of a crew with haunted pasts, Hunt Blackburn has only 1 rule: No Mates Allowed. But he’s been so busy denying his own secret mating call for so long, the pressure of resisting is making his entire crew miserable. They argue more, fight more, and the town of Timber Falls has had enough. When a bar fight leaves Hunt’s crew on the hook for damages and possible assault, Hunt knows he has to step up and fix what’s broken. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as simple as a few screws and nails. Not after Hunt meets the bar owner, Patrice Monroe, a cute, curvy brunette with a past of her own.

Patrice thought she’d left a life of violence behind when she moved to Timber Falls. She has secrets and her safety requires that she keep them. Lay low. Don’t stand out. So when an anti-shifter activist comes poking around, intent on running shifters out of town, Patrice knows she can’t risk being discovered now. But when Hunt begins breaking down her walls, all Patrice wants is to tell the truth to someone who gets it.

Will Hunt break his own rule for Patrice or will he love her and leave her in order to keep her—and all her secrets—safe?

This stand-alone bear shifter novel has a HEA with NO cliffhanger!


I thought fated mates were bullsh*t, until I saw her. 

UnBEARlievable is a steamy paranormal adventure – a ripped, tattooed bear shifter meets his match upon returning home.

Cam –

I’ve been chasing after fate. Now that I’ve found her, I’ve got to keep my naughty paws off her. This wouldn’t be a problem except she’s too damn irresistible, and more importantly, my new stepsister.

They sent me away to Shifter Behavioral Camp, tried to tame me, but no one can tame me or my bear. Now I’m back home and I’m already being threatened with being taken away again.

I know I don’t belong here with the normies. But then where do I belong?

The only thing I’m sure about is that Addie has turned my world upside down. I didn’t trust myself before, and I certainly don’t trust myself now that we’ll be sharing the same walls…

Addie –

Once Cam arrives, maybe the pressure will be off me to get a normal career. I can study photography like I’ve always dreamed. While Cam does end up taking the heat, there’s an even bigger problem.

Cam struts into my room without a shirt, like one of the posters on my wall come to life. He’s got a spectacular talent of getting under my skin…and getting me hot and bothered.

The more he talks to me, the less I understand him.

He might be a jerk with an awesome body, but he’s got a secret. One I intend on finding out.

A stand-alone bear shifter novella from Aurora Reid with no cliffhangers or cheating. Includes the bonus book Jax’s Mate (Wood Bear’s Unexpected Mate).


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