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Can love truly set you free?

Belinda Wu is in trouble. She’s just one bad day away from losing Bewitching Bites bakery, the business she built from scratch. The 80-hour weeks, the assistant who can’t bake, and the constant stress are taking a toll on her health. And on top of it all, Belinda is nursing a broken heart. When she rescues an injured raven in the park one evening, she has no idea he could be the answer to her prayers, or the final nail in her coffin.

Cole Erikson is a prisoner. Bound to his human master by a centuries-old spell, Cole refuses to let anyone get close to him until he is a free man. But when his escape plans turn dangerous and he ends up being rescued by a beautiful but impossibly sad woman, he can’t help but be drawn to her.

But love between a raven shapeshifter and a human girl is doomed to fail. Powerful forces are gathering in Crookshollow, determined to keep Cole and Belinda apart forever.

Watcher is a full-length paranormal romance novel with a cliffhanger ending by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. It is the first of a two part series exploring the idea that love truly can set you free.



After the fans turn on their star dragon quarterback, Nico’s ready to live his life in isolation. An injury and stagnant healing powers send him in a downward spiral, leaving him determined to count his gold hoard for the rest of his days.

Then Cass, a brilliant shifter therapist, offers to help.

His dragon soars, but she’s claimed by another: Jae, his teammate and one of the only twelve dragons alive. Nico’s ready to fight for Cass. He’s just going to have to get through her training first. It’s going to be tough. As tough as ignoring what his dragon’s telling him—Cass is his fated mate.

She lives her life in a golden cage…

Cass is one of the top doctors when it comes to shifter therapy, but she’s resigned to being a personal assistant for Jae May, a cruel and possessive dragon.

When she finally meets Nico, he’s half naked on a massage table. The elusive quarterback of the LA Outlaws seems to be hitting on her. He’s got lines of fans after every game who want to see his treasure room, and she’s guessing, the dragon in his pants too.

Cass thinks she’s going crazy from being cooped up too long, until he offers her a chance to escape. But Nico’s distrust of others and obsession with gold are getting in the way. So is the other dragon that she’s spurned, who will do anything—or destroy anything—to get her back.

Will their love burn forever? 

Find out in Dragon Star, a Shifter Football League Novel filled with fiery passion and action. Jax’s Mate is included as a bonus book.


Newly fired, Lena Jeffries ducks into the lobby of a nearby development firm to avoid a brewing thunderstorm. Worried about her next paycheck, the last person she expects to see is Ethan Sanford. Grown up and successful, he filled out his suit to perfection. What happened to the skinny and aloof Ethan from high school?

When Ethan Sanford catches a whiff of the curvaceous Lena, he stops in his tracks. Forbidden from touching her all those years ago, he and his big bad lion aren’t going to let her escape again. Unable to deny the burning attraction any longer, he invites her upstairs with more than a drink on his mind. Overcome by his desire and with a flash of canines, Ethan takes Lena as his mate.

Lena never thought she’d be the type of woman to sleep with her soon to be boss, and makes a quick exit in the morning. Pining over Ethan, she heads to a diner with her best friend to talk it over. Soon, her sudden cravings for meat puts her friend in the war path of a first time she-cat shift.

Ethan is not happy to find his mate missing when he wakes. Will Ethan manage to find and calm the new lioness before she puts the entire city on the menu?


He might not know where she’s from or even her real name. But that won’t stop a bear shifter from finding his fated mate, especially now that he’s got her lost slipper in his hand. 

Billionaire shifter Charming wants nothing more than to find his mate and settle down to start a family. So when he sees the curvy woman he’s fated to be with for life at his best friend’s wedding, Charming wastes no time in wooing her. They dance and mate before the end of the night. But before Charming even gets the chance to reveal his paranormal secret, his mate leaves without saying goodbye.

Cinderella’s forbidden to go to the wedding in New York. But fate has a way of getting her there in a beautiful dress and a stunning pair of shoes. As if that isn’t enough to make her feel like a fairy tale princess, Cinderella ends up dancing with the sexiest man there. Then after sharing a night of passion with him, Cinderella leaves in a hurry without even telling him her real name. It’s only supposed to be a one-night stand after all.

Charming wants to drop everything to go look for his mate, but the casino he owns requires his immediate attention, delaying his search for the woman he wants to bear all his future cubs. While investigating the problem at his casino, Charming discovers that the woman he’s fated to is one of his employees. Now that he has found her, will Charming be able to win Cinderella’s heart? Can he convince her to see him as more than just a one-night stand? And will he be able to give her the fairy tale ending she craves?

This is a standalone bear shifter romance with a guaranteed HEA and NO cliffhanger.


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