New Releases 6/15/16

In a world where dreams have their own reality, can two lost souls be the light in each other’s darkness? 

In a fight for their lives …

Bear shifter Darius has been forced into deep hibernation by the injuries he sustained during a wolf pack attack. It’s the only way he can heal without a mate.

Grace has hidden herself from the world, struggling to find a way forward, since suddenly going blind. Her chief solace is the man she’s been dreaming about for years … one who can change into a bear.

Through a perilous dreamscape …

Thanks to the dream forum she started online, Grace hears from Rachel, a forest ranger mated to another bear shifter. At her urging, Grace tries to heal Darius through her dreams — but when tragedy strikes, she travels to the wilds of Alaska to be at his side.

Battling against the odds

Under attack by the wolves, Grace and Darius must join together in their dreams — and do what’s never been done before. Can they pull off a mystical miracle, or will they perish as mates without ever being united in the waking world?


Fate brought her to him … now it’s put her in the crosshairs.

His job is to guard her … not claim her.

Bear shifter Lucas Barns, one of the partners in the Guardian Bears Agency, is frustrated that the woman he’s protecting won’t tell him what she’s running from. What did Emily Shaw witness?

Even worse than her keeping him in the dark is the fact that the curvy blonde is his fated mate. Getting involved with a client would be completely unprofessional … but that doesn’t stop both man and bear from roaring to make her their own.

He’s her only safety … and her greatest temptation.

Emily can’t tell Lucas what she saw — he’ll think she’s crazy. But she’s determined to stay alive, and she trusts him to protect her while she figures out what to do.

Her ex-Special Forces bodyguard is a giant of a man, often angry and clearly dangerous. He should terrify her. Instead, she wants to wrap herself around his muscled heat and never let go.

Now time is running out for both of them …

When Emily is attacked, both she and Lucas must reveal their secrets. After a deal to ensure her safety ends in a double-cross, Lucas needs all his strength and skill to keep his mate safe.

Can he rescue Emily in time? Or will Lucas and the woman who’s become his heartbeat lose their chance at a lifetime together?

***Guardian Bears: Lucas is a steamy standalone, full-length bear shifter romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhangers.***


Goldie’s falling hard for her billionaire boss, Larry. So even when he commands her to bend over his desk for a spanking, Goldie doesn’t resist. However, there’s one thing she’s refusing to do, and that’s telling him how she truly feels about him.

Bear shifter Larry can’t get enough of his fated mate. Even at work, he can’t seem to keep his paws off of her curvy body. His love for Goldie grows stronger by the day, and he wants nothing more than for her to feel the same way. Yet Goldie remains guarded with her heart. Then when she finds out about a secret he’s been hiding, she pushes him even further away.

Larry’s on a mission to win Goldie back. He races to her apartment to try to make things right. But she’s already gone by the time he gets there. Where did she go? Is she in some sort of trouble? Can Larry find Goldie in time to give her the fairy tale ending she craves?

Although part of a serial, Goldie’s Billionaire Bear comes with its own HFN ending.


When Natalie, a petite but powerful shifter, witnesses a gruesome crime one night, she begins to truly fear for her life. Luckily, she happens to be friends with a team of bodyguards … one of whom she has had a secret crush on for ages, even though he seems to hate her.

Ed Forrest is a mercenary; a bodyguard for hire, who agrees to watch out for Natalie. An enormous, towering bear of a man, and no gentle giant, he is one of the last grizzly bear shifters in the country, and resigned to an arranged marriage with another of his kind to continue his line.

There is absolutely no way he can fall for someone right now…

Which means it’s a terrible idea for him to spend so much time with this fun, sexy polar bear shifter, right? So … why can’t he tear himself away?

*This novel is the second in a series, but it can absolutely be read as a standalone with a HEA! Warning: steamier than a bear in a hot tub.*


Brennan Callaghan is tired of suppressing his bear. The animal inside has been infatuated with finding a mate ever since he set his sights on Scarlett. But Scarlett isn’t a grizzly and Brennan’s human side insists it’s a mating that can’t happen. So when he’s forced to work with the alluring and gorgeous wolf shifter with the emerald green eyes, he finds it increasingly difficult to continue fighting with nature.

Scarlett Kani wears many hats. Caretaker to her alpha uncle, Tik’a pack enforcer, and entrepreneur. She’s convinced she doesn’t need a mate right now despite what her wolf is telling her. Even if there is a masculine, protective, and gorgeous grizzly shifter that keeps finding his way into her life. But when a video is released and their secret lives are threatened to be exposed, she quickly discovers that Brennan may be the perfect mate to have by her side.


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