New Releases 6/8/16

Lydia is falling for her fake husband.

Bear shifter Shane McAbbot will do anything for his job. Even go undercover at the mysterious shifter hospital, where patients go in, but never come out.

Lydia Santiago is frustrated with her life. After the closing of her company by the Portland Undercover Unit she is jobless and searching for something more. When an opportunity to go undercover as the wife of one of her brother’s friends comes up, she jumps at the chance. A little danger is just what she needs. What she doesn’t expect are the feelings she develops for her fake husband.

Once Shane is in the hospital Lydia discovers an entire wing of shifters being placed in a coma and she quickly finds that Shane is next on the list. With the help of her brother Marco and the rest of the guys at Portland PD she tries to change Shane’s fate before it is too late.

STANDALONE Shifter Romance with a HEA!



A friends to lovers romance, with smiles and charm.

Bachelor bear shifter Danny Morrissey is the total package. He’s drop dead gorgeous, funny, wealthy, and a god in the sack. He lives his life flitting from one pair of spread thighs to the next; savouring each lucky lady and leaving a trail of rumpled sheets, smiling faces, and the occasional broken heart in his wake. But an urgent text message from his family is about to put an end to his carefree, pleasurable lifestyle.

Sarah Honeywell is Danny’s best friend and his only confidant. She has curves in all the right places and a bruised ego from a sudden breakup. So when Danny tells her he needs help with some bear business, she jumps at the chance to focus on someone else’s problems for a change. But little does she know her life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

In the midst of a meeting of all the packs, Danny is given an ultimatum: if he doesn’t produce the mate he’s claimed to have, he’ll be forced into an arranged marriage that will cast him far from everything he holds dear.

Only Sarah can save him now, but what if pretending to be his mate feels too good? What if those glances he steals of her bare thighs are more than just an act?

FAKE IT TIL YOU MATE IT is a paranormal romance set in the sleepy but mysterious town of Bearfield. It’s a standalone story with a helluva HEA and no cliffhangers.


Sun Valley is being threatened by an evil werewolf corporation that has its eye set on destroying the place. Jeanie Buchanan is a pawn in this game of greed and revenge. Sent to Sun Valley to do a survey of the land, she is ill prepared for what she finds there.

Mixing personal and business has never been Jeanie’s style but when Ryan Hunt comes to her aid, she can hardly believe her luck. In him she finds not only a hunk but a kindred spirit. Things heat up as the evil master minds of the plot to destroy Ryan’s home come to Sun Valley to seal the deal.

But will Ryan and Jeanie be able to stop the council from selling the land to Petersen-Snow? Will they have to lose their friend to Petersen’s mad desire for revenge? When it all comes down to a duel, Jeanie has to face the possibility that she will lose the love of her life.

This 15,000+ word novella has hot Bear Shifter action, a Happily Ever After, no cheating and no cliffhangers! I’ve attached some free stories afterward as my thanks to you.


She is just looking for a sugar daddy… 

Rue Manor meets Micah Kane online, not realizing that the site she thinks is for sugar daddies in reality is for more dominant shifter men.

He needs a woman to satisfy his darker urges… 

Micah has been charmed by Rue, but quickly grows frustrated with their online play and decides to bring the game directly to her.

Her fears threaten to ruin everything… 

Rue finds that Micah’s urges are more than she expected, and everything that she desires. Will she be able to let herself submit to Micah’s dark love?


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