New Releases 5/25/16

Donovan may come from a royal line of jaguar shifters, but he’s serving another king now. His mission is to uncover the plot for a shifter war. He never imagined guarding his tribe’s territory would put him in the path of she-panther, Caroline Addison.

Caroline knows she only has a few weeks until her fated mate surfaces, so she takes a last minute vacation to escape. Only, she never knew she would find the one man she’d always been looking for.

When Donovan and Caroline decide nothing can keep them apart, not even a shifter war, they realize there is a cost. And the price may be too high to pay.




Two men locked in a lifelong competition….

Ember and Ash Reese, twin bear shifters who run a Fortune 500 computer security firm, have always competed. Identical except for a telling birthmark on one, the two have been inseparable since birth.

One woman stands as the ultimate trophy…

Shelby Creek, a curvy and vivacious courier, has seen her fair share of jerks. Meeting Ash felt like a dream to her, with Ember turned out to be a nightmare.

One twin goes too far and the other takes a stand…

When Ash finds out what Ember has done, will it wreck his chances of forever love with Shelby? Is Shelby destined to be the bear shifter’s bride, or did Ember ruin that chance at happiness?

*This is a standalone short story with a happily ever after ending. It is intended for mature readers and features explicit scenes and language*


Meg Baker wanted for nothing growing up. The best schools: she attended them. The best instructors: she learned from them. The best talents as a violinist: she was born with them. A pampered life of chauffeurs and private jets. So why was she now on the run, trying to hide herself in the one place she knew her father would never look for her?

John might have the last name of Saint, but his family swears he made a deal with the Devil. Not one person from Ozarks to the Appalachias could strum a mandolin like him. And while he loved the harmonies he helped his family achieve on stage, he always felt something was missing inside. Until that night she came into The Fiddler’s Cave, and for the first time in his life he thought there might be someone who felt like he did.


Who does he think he is?

The wolf shifter at my door. I pegged him as a shifter the second I laid eyes on him. It was the way he stalked into my apartment flexing his muscles and throwing his weight around, his lips twisted in a smirk. Acting like he owned the place.

Smoking-hot, alpha jackass.

It was meant to be just a job.

An easy assignment between covert-ops, but there’s nothing easy or run of the mill about Natasha Silk. Human, gorgeous, with curves that make my mouth water, she’s got everything. Money, fame—a perfect life.

One kiss and I’m sure—she’s my mate. But I won’t claim her. I can’t. I’m dangerous.

The clock is ticking. Someone is trying to kill her and it’s my job to stop them. 

Not happening on my watch.


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F*ck the rules. I make my own moves.

Sam Hickson has finally made it. After a successful rookie season, he wants everyone to see him own the field. His strength. His determination. And he wants every girl to see his touchdowns aren’t his biggest asset. Nothing can stop him.

Except her.

Natalia Dupont has big aspirations. But ever since an injury almost ended her dance career she feels like she’s falling behind. After joining the Warrior’s Dance team she realizes she has to live by only one rule, don’t date any players from their rival team. No problem.

Until she lands in Sam’s bed.

They’re from opposing teams. The rules are clear, stay away. But every time they see each other they can’t help themselves. Keeping their tryst a secret is going to be hard, especially when everyone is trying to uncover the truth.

When everything is on the line, a game can feel more like war.

Dirty Play is a FULL LENGTH, Standalone sports romance with a dirty talking football star and explicit sex scenes. Have a towel and a water bottle at the ready, this is going to be one sweaty workout.



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