New Releases 4/27/16

The chase is on.

Josh Bauer expects his mate to be excited to see him, but when he shows up in her small town, she slams the door in his face.

Tessa Cunningham has been an independent she-panther, running her own business and taking care of her mother. The last thing she wants is to let go of the control she has over her life.

The more Josh chases her, the more she resists his sexy charm.

Josh has an obligation to fulfill, but he learns that being a mate is worth sacrificing everything—even if that means losing Tessa.




He says I’m “the one,” but he won’t share his secret– not yet…

What better way to cap off two years of travel than with a trip across Russia on the infamous Trans-Siberian Railroad?

That’s what I was thinking when I was standing in the Railway Terminal in Moscow, but less than one day into the journey sharing the compartment with 3 people I couldn’t even talk to had me crying in my beer in the dining car.

That’s how I met Evan– the sexiest man I have ever seen. When he invited me back to the luxurious private coach he was traveling in, there was no way I was going to say no.

Evan’s grandparents fled Russia years ago, now Evan is visiting Siberia to settle his family estate. Problem is, the caretakers don’t want to give it back. And now they are threatening Evan if he doesn’t walk away.

Evan confesses that his family has secrets. He promises he’ll tell me, but not now. Not while we’re still in Russia. Not while knowing those secrets could put me in danger.

This short story is part one of Evan and Kerri’s story in Eva Wilder and Claire Ryann’s new American Tigers series.


 When Leah Hudson moves into her new bungalow in a quiet suburb of Glasgow, she’s ready for a fresh start. No more night shifts at the call center, instead, she’ll pour all her energy into her budding Internet business. All seems perfectly idyllic, and she’s even starting to connect to her reclusive but attractive neighbor, Matt. But trouble has a habit of finding Leah, and soon she’ll find that her new life isn’t as quiet and simple as she had hoped.

Matthew Argyle has been keeping to himself ever since developing delusions about turning into a bear against his will. He doesn’t even leave the house, except to spend time in his backyard when the neighborhood sleeps. The arrival of a new neighbor, Leah, throws his carefully orchestrated life into a tailspin. He can’t ignore the attraction, yet he’s unwilling to subject her to his crazy.

One night, everything changes yet again. Matt must decide which is more important: staying in his comfort zone, or coming to the rescue of the woman he’s begun to love.


Laleesha Wilson has plenty of reason to fear and distrust men. Only one good thing came from that awful night in the biker camp, and her top priority now is giving her baby-to-be the home she never had. Besides, that sexy stranger who makes her heart leap is just being nice.

As soon as he sees her, bear shifter Dominic Olsen knows she’s the one for him. It hurts that he can’t even be in the same room without her cringing, but he’ll give her all the time she needs. Eventually she’ll want him. She has to, because he can’t live without her. And when she’s ready, he’ll claim her and her cub too.

In the meantime, Dominic isn’t going to let anyone harass his mate. Laleesha’s stepfather might think he has to right to order her back to the home she ran away from, but Dominic is there to tell him different. Except, of course, when he isn’t…



He goes after what he wants. And he wants her.
The only problem: his next hit is her best friend.

Hitman-for-hire Mitch agreed to one last job. This one would allow him to retire from the game for the rest of his life to a more quiet and secluded life. He bumps into Rose, a curvy, young woman, whose free spirit calls to him. He can’t answer though, as he’s aimed at his target. Giving in to her siren’s song will end his dreams and maybe even his life.

He’s everything she ever wanted.
But he’s also a killer.

College student Rose is looking to blow off some steam before exams, and her best friend knows just what she needs: a man. Rose thinks Mitch, the hot, over-the-top alpha, is perfect. Almost too perfect. She doesn’t realize that his secrets could get them both killed.

Does he pick the target or the girl? Will Rose ever trust Mitch? Does she have a choice?

This is a standalone novel, with NO cheating, and a HEA!


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