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Drew Maddox has to find his fated mate.

Drew Maddox has been given orders by the king of the jaguar tribe. It’s time to start building the Maddox empire. There is only one name on his list, a woman betrothed to him at birth. It’s time to find her.

Francesca March has no idea about her heritage or where she came from. Adopted by humans, she has lived a lonely existence as the only she-panther she knows. Long ago she gave up on happy endings, heroes, and trust. She’s never let anyone get close enough to learn her secret. That is until she meets a stranger on the side of the road.

Drew knows time is running out. He has to convince Francesca to marry him in less than five days. But with his own secrets haunting him he struggles with how much to tell her without losing her.

Can Francesca face the reality of what it truly means to be a she-panther, or will Drew keep her in the dark to fulfill his duty?

Sparks fly. The sheets burn down. And every time they touch a flame ignites. Will fate keep them together, or tear them apart?



Liza is in it for the money. People hire her for her unique skills, and whether she’s on the side of good or criminal, she doesn’t usually mind – she gets the job done. Belonging nowhere, she has learned how to fend for herself, and she has everything she needs. Or so she thinks.

Cole is an ex-military alpha lion shifter. Back in the civilian lifestyle, he has made his own pack of misfits and stragglers, but he’s struggling to find them work as hired muscle. There’s something missing.

When Cole comes face to face with the devastatingly beautiful thief, Liza, he wonders – could she be the missing piece? He’ll have to catch her first…

*This novel is the first in a series, but it can be read as a standalone with a HEA! Warning: steamier than a lion in a sauna.*


Fate has brought them together again … but can they survive it?

An unexpected reunion …
Lisa Kyle runs the general store in Coldwood. She’s stayed in town to take care of her mother; the only man she ever loved left years ago. But now he’s back — and mixed up with a notorious criminal organization, the Serpent motorcycle club.

Her shock doesn’t change the electric heat between them. The boy she loved is now a dark-haired tower of a man, and his intense blue eyes are irresistible. Lisa knows she should stay away … but she can’t.

A dangerous longing …
Growing up with no parents, Marcus Harrow didn’t understand his bear shifter identity. Now he does — and he also knows that blonde, curvy Lisa is his fated mate. But that only makes things more difficult.

He can’t tell her that he runs the Guardian Bears agency with two of his ex-Special Forces bear shifter friends … or that he’s gone undercover to infiltrate the Serpent MC gang and put a stop to their use of dark forces.

The only way to keep her safe is to keep his distance. But how can he do that when both man and bear want to claim her forever?

A deadly deception
When the gang grows suspicious of Marcus, Lisa and her mother are in the crosshairs. Can he rescue them without blowing his cover? And if he succeeds, will Lisa accept both sides of his nature, or will his deeper identity drive them apart?

***Guardian Bears: Marcus is a steamy standalone novel with a HEA and no cheating.***



The wilderness takes one kind of strength. Love takes another.
He’s driven…

Forest ranger Timber knows his clan doesn’t approve of him living among humans. In a world where shifters’ existence is scarcely known, it’s a dangerous choice. But his bear is eager to find their mate — no matter who she is.

She’s determined…

Rachel is a National Park Service employee who’s just transferred home to Alaska — even though it means working with her less-than-wonderful ex. The last thing she expects is her attraction to the big, burly man who acts as her guide into the Alaska National Forest.

Despite their chemistry, Rachel knows a relationship with a fellow employee would be completely unprofessional. Timber recognizes Rachel as his fated mate … but worries that an ambitious career woman won’t be content to stay in Alaska.

They’re in danger

When their trek turns deadly, more than love is on the line. Can Timber and Rachel survive long enough to be united as mates? Or will finding each other be the last thing they ever do?
Timber begins a new, sexy world of shifters and the women they’re fated to fall for. Start reading, and see for yourself the power of true love!


Laleesha Wilson has plenty of reason to fear and distrust men. Only one good thing came from that awful night in the biker camp, and her top priority now is giving her baby-to-be the home she never had. Besides, that sexy stranger who makes her heart leap is just being nice.

As soon as he sees her, bear shifter Dominic Olsen knows she’s the one for him. It hurts that he can’t even be in the same room without her cringing, but he’ll give her all the time she needs. Eventually she’ll want him. She has to, because he can’t live without her. And when she’s ready, he’ll claim her and her cub too.

In the meantime, Dominic isn’t going to let anyone harass his mate. Laleesha’s stepfather might think he has to right to order her back to the home she ran away from, but Dominic is there to tell him different. Except, of course, when he isn’t…



I thought he didn’t want me, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Joey Mason
Once upon a time we were supposed to be together. He was the mysterious outsider, and I fell in love with him.
He wasn’t a jock, he wasn’t the most popular guy in school, but he saw me for who I really was — for who I really am.
But we never got a chance to explore our love. He ran away from home, and didn’t even say goodbye.
And he was gone for six years.
Six years I spent wondering where he was, whether I’d ever see him again.
There was nothing left to do but move on, move on, but not forget.

I got a boyfriend, Ian, and he’s ready to propose, but I’m not sure I want him to…
I have a job at a local bar, but I put my dreams of painting and travel aside…
I did my best to put Joey out of my mind…

I was about to get my perfect life.
Then Joey showed up, older, hot as hell, and hiding a dark secret.
And I realized I didn’t want perfect. I wanted him.

Vanished is a full-length, standalone bad boy/second chance romance with a MYSTERIOUS ALPHA-MALE, heart melting romance, and a HEA!



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